Tuesday, December 15, 2015


In ALL posts I repeat what I consider ought to be OBVIOUS and WHY I have total contempt for our current Fuhrer, OBOOMA, namely, BECAUSE he is a CIA PUPPET, STOOGE, thus, complete SCUM, trash, despicable human garbage, long with those NAZI lineage financial, commercial, firms, individuals, WHOM I NAME and at whose behest he serves. 

So, below, I provide but one article, link, itemizing a few background details regarding what I mean, neither total nor comprehensive, but, sufficient to demonstrate my point.
I can NOT vouch for its entire accuracy, but, many of its points are valid.

MY point being, of course, it is SYSTEMIC, not isolated to a particular individual, instance or exception.

It is historically cyclical, redundant, inherent in the exigencies and logic of our economic SYSTEM.

The MAIN difference however between someone like Trump and our NAZI Republic-rats and this utterly revolting Democ-rat crowd being what you see/hear is what you get from someone like Trump, whereas, our NAZI sponsored, flavored, cynically hypocritical Rockefeller "Liberal/Progressive" Democ-rats and their PARTNERED AFL-CIA/SEIU, covert operatives, PRETEND being something they are NOT, parading around on moral high ground.

BUT, BOTH REPRESENT one and the SAME SYSTEMIC ECONOMIC INTERESTS, two arms, extensions, limbs, off of the SAME BODY, the latter, or, artifically misnomered and bifurcated "Left" merely dressed in GRANDMA'S CLOTHING as a more digestible and palatable NAZI WOLF in a LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD story along with an entire ESTABLISHMENT propaganda machine, a reverberating echo chamber, perpetuating FICTION, MYTHOLOGY, BIG AND LITTLE LIES, sanitizing, rewriting, history and fostering political legitimacy.

REAL alternatives and choices thus are OFF THE TABLE, NOT FOR DISCUSSION, and, most certainly, NOT ACTIONABLE!

So, above represents the parameters of CHOICE as provided here.
A Hobson or "Sophie's Choice":


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