Thursday, December 10, 2015


A short while ago, a few posts below, I promised an entertaining Republican Presidential s-election campaign wondering HOW our current US NAZI Establishment would DUMP OUTSPOKEN and financially INDEPENDENT, but, self-anointed, Republican Presidential candidate and real estate mogul/oligarch, TRUMP.

So, below, a video from a Trump campaign speech in So. Carolina in which an excerpt was taken out of context by a totally cynical and hypocritical ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN "LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE," AFL-CIA/SEIU PARTNERED, RECIDIVIST NAZI EMPIRE OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, HATE, current ARAB SLAUGHTER MACHINE, via THEIR ISLAMIC proxies, surrogates.

Needless to say, Trump KNOWS ALL our pseudo, ersatz, COVERT OPERATIVES, Islamic terrorists, NOW AND BEFORE, including those of previous Bush Reichstag 9/11 event, are regionally SPONSORED, made, employed, manufactured, supported, well known to our National Security State, NAZI, apparatus, but, he smears THEIR OWN LIES against them at face value for his own purpose while stepping amusingly on a few other toes.

IF Trump states issues, factors, names, ECONOMIC INTERESTS AND ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS, the WAY I do on my posts he would be economically or physically dead.

But, he won't do that BECAUSE, AFTER ALL, HE IS PART AND PARCEL of a decrepit class system and profits handsomely from LUXURY real estate and CASINO development.  

However, since a TOTAL POLITICAL VACUUM exists in THIS COUNTRY with NO PRINCIPLED OPPOSITION WHATSOEVER, anyone presenting a FEW OBVIOUS realities, inconsistencies, contradictions, and/or, half-truths, presents a breath of fresh air to masses suffocating underneath a mountain of BIG AND LITTLE LIES, propaganda, brainwashing:

Finally, from a much earlier post I did, a reminder of other places with variations on theme by an EXCELLENT writer and ARTICLE, link BELOW:

In conclusion, at risk of being nauseatingly repetitive, once more, MY favorite musical video, THEME music, for those not reading my posts for years and unfamiliar with his music.
I really should end every post with.
I hear it in my dreams:

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