Sunday, November 6, 2011


In line with my few previous posts, I thought, ONCE AGAIN, I would feature, highlight, a piece of excellent journalism, a tour-de-force, by Keith Harmon SNOW from 2008 below which you will see, amongst many others, COVERS connections to which often I reference.
Mr. Snow's excellent report, however, must be considered as TEMPLATE to HOW things operate in GENERAL, a modus operandi, not just in this one instance in sub-Saharan Africa and its many natural resources.
Snow's expose, documentation, being not exception to a rule, but, A RULE.
One can overlay and overlap with specific, detailed, information onto any other portion of the globe, industry, etc.
Note, for example, how notorious British mercenary TONY BUCKINGHAM reported BELOW NOW replacing Gulbenkian in an equally infamous HERITAGE OIL AND EAGLE GROUP OF IRAQ KRG venture, about which I had so much discussion in previous and a few recent posts.
ALSO, JP MORGAN CAZENOVE NOW "ADVISES" BUCKINGHAM and HERITAGE, both events appearing more or less simultaneous.
And, but or to Snow's credit, under a SUBHEADING entitled, "Thou Shalt Not Kill," Snow makes note of more notorious NAZI WWII connections I consistently document.
So, following represents, as a proverbial they say, but a tip of the nefarious NAZI AXIS/CARTEL global iceberg, one unleashed upon an entire globe AFTER, UPON, USSR dissolution:

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