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First for some real GREEK news, developments, statements from a GREEK CP, KKE, website and NOT multitudinous disinformation, propaganda sources posing as reportage, commentary, etc.:



For those NOT familiar with it, I thought I would do another entertaining exercise featuring a prominent "NATION" political US magazine as illustrious example of one of a panoply of bogus, manufactured, FRANKENSTEIN opposition monsters and how it/they operate providing, HIGHLIGHTING, a short biographical background sketch, link, for NATION magazine CURRENT editor, publisher and owner, Katrina Vanden Heuval AND her family associations, marriage, father, background.
Information provided below explains fairly well BY ITSELF without bothering to elaborate further WHY NATION magazine poses as one out of many such nominally prominent "independent" progressive actors, but, really, functions as a covert op, a FRONT voice.
The information, names and associations speak for themselves.

Read carefully.
So, father first:



Then, her:



The NATION magazine did/does, A LONG TIME BACK, have a HISTORY as politically independent, somewhat controversial, and, progressive publication.
You can search for yourself and read on.
But, one also can see easily from above, the NATION publication is/was infiltrated, penetrated, subverted, influenced, becoming an extension used as cover for anti-Soviet/USSR, anti-Communist activities, Democratic connections, covert ops, part of an extensive manufactured, funded, vast "Left Gatekeepers" network with overlapping funding flow charts to which I link in previous posts.
This being HOW OUR NAZI Establishment justifies, rationalizes, covers up and over, protects itself from criticism, suppresses, represses unpleasant truths and realities, self-censorship, like, for example, amongst others, our 9/11 supposed terrorists, Kennedy Assassination coup, NAZI history connections and ISLAMISTS, promulgating, dissing as implausible, unreliable "conspiracy theorists" contradicting official explanations, etc., poisoning the atmosphere and everyone, everything, it/they touch while keeping themselves afloat with plausible denial, institutional legitimacy and credibility, their MOST important, key ally being organized labor control, stranglehold, AFL-CIA and SEIU, ALL operating together, in tandem, as COVERT arms, tentacles, agents, helping to influence, control, spin, compromise, contrary, independent, unpleasant truths, interests, events, facts, HISTORY, developments both abroad and here.
GENERALLY speaking, the MORE IMPORTANT is a fact, development, the MORE IGNORED it is, instead DIVERSIONARY, FALSE DICHOTOMIES, MISREPRESENTATION and DISINFORMATION created, SPUN, promulgated and advanced.

All represent one, fundamental, simple, elemental, proverbial magic trick, sleight of hand, scaled up to GRAND proportions and vertiginous heights, a NAZI BIG LIE reverberating echo chamber.
So, for EXAMPLE, where and when a PRINCIPLED LED GREEK KKE OPPOSITION program, coalition, party, UNITED FRONT, says "NO," REPUDIATING DEBT, HERE the opposite occurs, an UNPRINCIPLED, COLLABORATIVE, REACTIONARY "YES," but, represented as its opposite, progressive, LED BY ALL ABOVE, with MAJOR, profound, concomitant horrors and ramifications.

"All we like sheep, have gone astray..."
Pick from thousands of versions the above/below Handel Messiah refrain and/or may a thousand OPPORTUNIST FRONT GROUPS blossom and then DISAPPEAR, DIE, EXTINGUISH.
I chose the following arbitrarily for its visuals AND because subtitled lyrics below:


By the way, although NOT a minor point, nonetheless, an irresistible footnote, postscript, to all above.

In the preceding, brief, wiki link I used describing Katrina Vanden Heuval and her association to/with NATION magazine, in passing, it MENTIONS former NATION owner/s as being "in debt, bankrupt, losing, bleeding, money," the reason a for-profit consortium, including VANDEN HEUVAL, formed helping bail out the NATION publication financially, thereby ensuring its ongoing survival.
I GUARANTEE anyone and everyone reading this post, IF you or someone you know, perhaps, a graduate student and/or an "INDEPENDENT" researcher, journalist, writer, needs or wants a thesis, book, article as to HOW AND WHY the NATION magazine LOST so much MONEY, you will be amply rewarded for your research, ASSUMING those involved tell TRUTH.
A mighty big assumption.

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