Sunday, November 13, 2011


This really represents a very QUICK followup, postscript, addendum, to my earlier post just below about Exxon-KRG marriage "exclusive" AND previous posts regarding Heritage, Barzani Eagle Group of Iraq, KRG, Tony Buckingham evolution.
I need some help refreshing my memory abit.
Creating flow charts would be helpful keeping track of MidEast shifting sands, commercial partnerships, relationships, marriages, divorces, extortion rackets.
Anyway, MORE related, incestuous, interconnections mentioned in an article below concerning Tony Buckingham, Heritage Oil, KRG AND NOW, additionally, BP's Tony Hayward, Rothschild, Vallares, covered ALSO in some of my other earlier posts.
So, first, this:

Then, from my earlier posts regarding Jafar, Gulftainer, Russia, Rothschild, Vallares, Dubai, Israel interconnections, FOLLOW EMBEDDED LINKS BACKWARDS and forwards:

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