Friday, December 18, 2015


Report in link BELOW concerns NAZI occupied ZIONIST ISRAEL OFFSHORE GAS deal, AND, in particular, NOBLE ENERGY.

It piqued my interest BECAUSE, as you know, IF you read my posts for some time, I did PLENTY of earlier entries regarding NAZI OCCUPIED ISRAEL (former PALESTINE) and EMG (Egypt) OFFSHORE gas deal, then, subsequently, PA, GAZA, gas wars, Lebanon, and a large cast of seedy characters.

So, current report first:

To refresh your memory, two links below OR you can search my own blog with some  words, categories, as offered above.

First link, from 2011, I intentionally selected because NOBLE features so prominently in it.

Consider recent events.

Whomever controls Syria ultimately WILL/CAN/DOES become just another greasy, OILY, seedy, explosive character, factor, added to an already competing, contradictory, conflicting and overflowing mix of NEWLY MINTED and PRIVATIZED, barbaric, OFFSHORE MEDITERRANEAN ENERGY and transportation corridor economic interests: 

Concluding with a link from 2009 in which you can search IF you wish further backwards and forwards.
Just too many posts exist on this subject for me to itemize any further, a cornucopia:

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