Saturday, July 16, 2016


It would be very nice to rid the world of another PSEUDO ISLAMIC REGIONAL NAZI AKP DICTATORSHIP "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," according to now defunct Turkish Daily News.

Islamic DOMINOES continue struggling to stay alive, beginning with Egypt's MB downfall.

I doubt very much it derives from the CIA Gulen crowd, however, despite Erdogan's claims.

The US has NO interest in toppling Erdogan.

But, for sure, Erdogan and HIS allies MUST GO!

They are MONSTERS, but, OUR creation!!

BUT, I BELIEVE, unfortunately, this is an AUTO COUP, a feint, ruse, helping Erdogan flush out further potential enemies, JUSTIFYING, SOLIDIFYING, what ALREADY is one of the MOST BARBARIC, DESPICABLE, DICTATORSHIPS IN THIS REGION, PARTNERED WITH CITIGROUP, IRAN, ET.AL.

It seems to ME too disorganized to be real, AND, on top of it all, Erdogan was NOT even in Istanbul at the time!!
How could they NOT know that??
My suspicions are raised!:

As postscript, and reminder, since I make reference to it OFTEN, for those who have NOT seen Fritz Lang's Empire of Crime, link below, certainly as prescient NOW as then BECAUSE, SAME financial, economic, interests, techniques, tactics, involved.
Updated, of course.
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Lang was a brilliant director!:

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