Monday, July 4, 2016


Why supposed "terror" bombings, warnings, in a Malaysian/Indonesian peninsula, archipelago, with more, before, after, AND, elsewhere, for reasons related??

But, then, of course, those STILL UNABLE to find or NAME NAZI PARTNERED IRAN IN OCCUPIED IRAQ, SYRIA, and, elsewhere, thruout a greater ARAB Mideast and just WHOM OR WHAT finances so-called ISIS, reasons why, along with competing and conflicting foreign investments in ALL places involved, too bad for you!!

Possible answer to immediate question, association, named above provided by links below:

Regarding Malaysia:


I went to a customary website for an update.
Lo and behold, information NO LONGER PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.
It seems, the less suckers here and abroad know, the better, I assume.
Well, I got news for them.
PLENTY more ways to skin a cat while getting MUCH more info than that provided on their website:

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