Sunday, July 24, 2016


I do NOT watch, listen to, or, read about ANY shenanigans of our TWIN NAZI PARTY theatrics.

It is utterly repulsive and sickening to me.

Why expose myself to mind pollution, pomp and circumstance, bread and circuses, propaganda made for TV masses.

But, it is inevitable, inescapable, living here, SNIPPETS of what transpire at these non-momentous events appear thruout my environment in electronic media, print, conversation, etc.

So, I thought to make one comment which NOBODY here will bother about I am absolutely sure.

Apparently, a kerfuffle ensued after the Republican National Convention when Trump's most current mate, Melanie, made an acceptance speech for her husband which, apparently, sounded similar to that of another NAZI DEMOCRATIC CIA PUPPET, stooge, Obooma's partner.

The background of this trivial MEDIA debate occurs as the world BLOWS itself apart.

In fact, all it did/does simply is to prove political speeches are primarily ghost written, along with alot of books, and, GENERIC ones, pulled off a shelf and adapted as needed.

BUT, I do have ANOTHER, DIFFERENT, problem with Trump's most current partner.

And, it is NOT anything someone here would note.

I find Trump's most current partner, Melanie, utterly deplorable, disgusting, BECAUSE, SHE IS EMBLEMATIC, A PERSONIFICATION, TO ME OF WHAT HAS BECOME EASTERN EUROPE AFTER A CIA SPONSORED USSR COUP, that is, celluloid, tabloid, vacuous, tinsel, commodity, JUNK, GARBAGE, SHIT, reflecting what US EXPORTS!


I KNOW WHAT WAS and the difference between now and then.

Let me repeat, since people here are very stupid, my comment about her is NOT PERSONAL, but, merely as EMBLEMATIC, SYMBOLIC, of processes to which I refer above.

The US PRIVATE CAPITAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS AND EXPORTS TOXICITY, POISON, both literally and figuratively, (DOW CHEMICALS NOW IN SAUDI ARABIA), DEATH, DESTRUCTION, THRUOUT THE GLOBE, creating a world of gross, crass, commodification in their OWN image.

For some humorous commentary on this subject, a couple of George Carlin videos:



Meanwhile, back to harsh reality, add to Carlin's list above, and, more I mention, NAZI OCCUPIED AKP, "whose passion is to sell state industries," TURKEY DICTATORSHIP, flattened, demolished, destroyed, destabilized, by reactionary, counter-revolutionary, COMMODIFIED CAPITAL PRIVATIZATION.

Of course, it hardly ends with Turkey and THEIR particular flavor, brand, version, of Barbaric Islamic Fascism.

On the subject of SELLING STATE ENTERPRISES, I call those named in the link below, "Trading with the Enemy," especially because an excellent book by Charles Higham with that name detail SAME interests, except, NAZI GERMAN partners in WWII instead:


Returning to NAZI OCCUPIED US s-elections, a barely noted meeting occurred a few weeks ago between RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, WAR CRIMINAL and ROCKEFELLER, TRILATERAL, protege ZOMBIE KISSINGER and TRUMP.

I would dearly love to know WHAT they discussed, but, THAT IS NOT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

Of course, Kissinger should be ARRESTED, EXECUTED, PROSECUTED, immediately, ALONG WITH, more important, HIS PRIVATE SPONSORS, named above.

But, Trump will NOT do ANYTHING of the kind, since he, too, is a product of and profits handsomely from SAME CRIMINAL SYSTEM.

Thus, no end to QE, STIMULUS.

And ever MORE privatization!

As for Hillary, IF we are going to arrest anyone, HOW ABOUT STARTING WITH ALL THOSE PRIVATE ENTITIES WHO PROFIT FROM selling out, off, and killing, everything and everyone AND SUBSIDIZE OUR POLITICAL FRONT MEN AND WOMEN, THEIR HIRED HELP??

Why start at self-serving hired help like Hillary??
Why not start at the TOP, the BOSSES??
Why not the OWNERS, including those who hire cheap, illegal, immigrant workers??

But, as I have said, thanks to ALL concerned above and our NAZI PARTNERED and INVESTED LABOR UNIONS, AFL-CIA/SEIU, front groups, covert ops, etc., that will NOT happen BECAUSE ZERO ORGANIZED CLASS OPPOSITION exists here.

That great big giant sucking sound from Mexico, as former Independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot called it regarding NAFTA, is the one emanating NOW from the US, one great big giant political vacuum, a black hole.

So, once again, Trump steps in and represents A DEFAULT position, OPPOSITION, not a vote for, necessarily, but, a vote against, a protest vote.


He opens a small, wee bit of, SPACE, breathing room, which idiots here, those named above, once more, will toss into oblivion, like they throw away EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.

Trump names Sanders KNOWING FULL WELL, LIKE MOST ELSE HE SAYS, ALL, including our terrorists, ARE FRONTS, SHILLS, COVERT OPS, CIA connected, NSA, DEEP STATE operatives.

Otherwise, they would negotiate FOR CHANGE with Trump from positions of power creating a popular front against Fascism.


But, that will not happen.

As a consequence, we will have NO nationalized medical system, much less anything else.

Let's be perfectly clear.

We do NOT go overseas to war to expand the US Post Office.
Our Post Office is NOT COMPETING with other Post Offices thruout the globe, not occupying, annexing, stripping, appropriating, their assets, murdering their people, personnel, etc., and NOT RELOCATING!

But, in a world according to Born Again Rove/Soros oxymoron Democratic Socialist SHILL Sanders, 
WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE, I.E., NATIONALIZE ANYTHING, including our own money.
He and Trump are in perfect agreement.
Likewise regarding STIMULUS, QE, DEBT.
So, solutions off the table, not for discussion.
And, as corollary, IF you do happen to "do it" elsewhere, WATCH OUT, you become FAIR GAME!

Thus, enter Trump, stage right.

If you have not seen or heard it and wish to do so, below is a link to Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC.
For obvious reasons he will win by a landslide, a virtual stampede.
As an aside, the ONE, ONLY, SINGLE, protester who makes a cameo appearance at the RNC event happens by amazing coincidence to be the same SPONSORED individual/group yelling in previous years about NOT bombing NAZI OCCUPIED IRAN IN IRAQ.

She/they being CAREER political opportunists, as are ALMOST ALL OTHERS.
They make sure, along with the AFL-CIA/SEIU, NO meaningful confrontation, CHANGE, challenge, to existing POWER relationships, NO CHANGED OWNERSHIP, to occur, as I indicate above.

But, one last question before I end.
Will there be an OCTOBER SURPRISE this time around??
IF so, what MIGHT it be?
Ponder THAT for yourselves.
And, again, IF SO, who will benefit at election time??
To be continued...

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