Sunday, May 16, 2010


While the Gulf of Mexico BP oil pipe spews forth its toxic contents voluminously, the greatest man made natural catastrophe ever, probably, BIG MONEY continues flowing, it seems to me, proportionally elsewhere, as well.

FIRST, of course, BIG MONEY from ALL sources pours into our NAZI United Suckers and Assholes election Primaries.
Afterwards, even more money will flow into our November midterm election extravaganza.
The general consensus, here, is, everyone hates ALL politicians, but, NO choice exists in a NAZI DICTATORSHIP except two competing NAZI factions, teams, parties, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, or, Tweedledumber OR NO vote.
Abstain, write in a name on the ballot, vote for a third party IF they get on the ballot.
Elections are meaningless exercises in futility under a Dictatorship.

As for Greece, I thought I would, occasionally, highlight one or two facts, such as the following one regarding IMF loans to Greece and their interest rate SPREAD, differential.
Profitable business if you can get it, for sure.
Once upon a time under an earlier global mercantile system, the operating principle was, "Buy cheap, sell dear":

"...Once the loan is approved, the U.S. must chip in its share. It lends the IMF money at 0.25% interest rate, as do all IMF members, and the IMF lends to borrowers at about 3%..."



US banks represent approximately 17 or 18% of IMF loans.
They are the IMF largest contributor, presently.

In reality, the figure is much higher, since major European and US banks are intertwined in an incestuous, overlapping relationship.
Previously, for example, Deutsche Bank received funds circuitously from United Suckers and Assholes TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) taxpayer bailout, gift, giveaway and socialized debt program.
AND to complete the revolving money circle, EMERGING MARKETS, such as the GCC, are to play a greater contributing role in the IMF, along with their proposed COMMON CURRENCY and expanded free trade zone.
Abundant information exists on the internet about the above.
Additionally, I posted LOTS of information in previous entries.
So, not to be too redundant, here's but one link out of many, a "working paper" from the IMF from 2006:


And, another link from 2003 about the Middle East Free Trade Zone with a few background facts and history.
ONE small, lonely, key, pertinent sentence buried in all the verbiage below.
Oh what a difference a sentence makes!:

"...Another feature of the programme, in contrast to previous ones, is the recognition of the role of the private sector..."



And, then, state assets are sold, auctioned off, or, simply grabbed outright as in Iraq AND the former USSR, at depressed, bargain basement prices and purchased by the SAME private investors in the revolving, money go round door.

So, the Middle East speculative bubble and privatization juggernaut rolls on in order for the above to reach fruition.
Thus, Kuwait's privatization:


Now, of course, the thorny issue of Iran and Iraq still exists, a fly in the Middle East privatizing ointment and central, explosive battleground.
As I have explained repeatedly, towards these ends, Iran's present NAZI government, and, by extension, Iraq's Sistani/Shahristani (Bagdad Oil Minister) MUST go.

Now, ALOT is happening in this regard, as everyone knows.
"They" are working hard on it.

So, I think this is but one more dimension, another pressure point, for the Iraq/Iran regime change scenario below:


At this point, as far as I know, after all hoopla about former Iraq oil auctions, only two companies supposedly are scheduled to sign contracts with Baghdad's current Iranian Oil Minister, Shahristani, one Turkish the other Chinese, which explains their varying positions vis-a-vis UN Iran sanctions.
They are being LEANED UPON, pressed on all sides.
The present NAZI Aryan Iran Persian Sistani Islamic Mullah regime is under stress, duress, opposition, internally and externally.
The ONLY way they can hang on to power in Iraq and Iran is through extreme repression, violence, torture, MONEY and international leverage.
BUT, who is it lined up to replace them??
Another Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund Middle East DEMOCRACY perhaps??!!
Finally, almost forgot.
Dana Gas is doing just fine. Profits UP!
So, these are some of the IN YOUR FACE FUNDAMENTAL FACTS IGNORED, publicly available and advertised for years.
How do I feel about it/them?
Disgusted, to put it mildly. Very mildly.
Still NO ORGANIZED opposition TO THE ABOVE here.
Lots of diversion, instead.

The following developments to add:

Turkey's military has been bombing the PKK in Kurdistan again within the past week.

Iran attacks Kurdish troops, who, in turn, have been supported by Israeli military operatives, something EVERYBODY knows.
Thus, Israel through Kurdistan:


Sinochem, China's oil company still involved with Iran's Sistani/Shahristani Baghdad Oil Minister WITHDRAWS their bid!
Sinochem was part of a consortium with another Chinese Oil Company, CNOOC.
It remains to see what happens next.

While Iraq's bogus election results reaffirmed, i.e., Allawi.

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