Wednesday, February 9, 2011


NAZI US/EU financial interests apparently having at their disposal an entire panoply of COVERT FRONT groups operating in Egypt, not to mention elsewhere, from business to internet to labor unions to youth groups to academia to media, of course, to effect, control, facilitate cosmetic regime change in Egypt and establish a mirror image, "constitutional, PRIVATE PROPERTIED, bourgeois (FASCIST) democracy," thereby attempting to RESOLVE IRRESOLVABLE, INTRACTABLE contradictions CREATED in the first place by THEMSELVES from their lustful, greedy, WWII ANTI-COMMUNIST crusade and neo-colonialism!!

Of course, OUR model United Suckers and Assholes Constitution, FIRST AND FOREMOST, establishes, guarantees, PRIVATE PROPERTY SANCTITY, RIGHTS, which, at the time of its inception, included slaves, excluded women, eliminating most anything and anyone else LESS PROPERTIED from political representation.
They just did not and do not count.
It was only after MUCH class struggle in the late 1800s, early 1900s, expanded industrial unionization mostly by the CIO in the 1930s, a large Civil War in the 1860s, for example, AND Post WWII global outcome, that political and legal rights expanded to include women, abolish slavery and get ALITTLE begrudging political representation and a few hard earned concessions from our BOURGEOIS, CAPITALIST State which then transformed in 1947 with establishment of the NSA, (National Security Act, Pentagon, CIA, National Security Council, etc.),Taft-Hartley Anti-Labor Law to a codified, institutionalized, NON-ELECTED, NAZI State apparatus.
Indeed, corporate concentration of capital actually intensifying, like now.
Our entire legal system and NAZI state apparatus exists to ENSURE, maintain, expand and continue adjudication of a CONSTITUTIONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY DICTATORSHIP with ALL STATE force behind it.
The rest ancillary, secondary, tertiary aspects of civil society can morph just as easily, depending upon need and circumstance.

Returning to Egypt.
Adding to EGYPT's woes and power equation are THEIR competing, ORGANIZED, concocted, NAZIFIED paramilitary religious, racial, sexual and/or ethnic torture, persecution, displacement, appropriation, theft, associated Iranian, Turkey AKP type sponsored MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OF THUGS.

Everyone else sandwiched between the twin, MANUFACTURED, NAZI Frankenstein Evil Charybdis and Scylla monsters, above, AS IN US/IRAN OCCUPIED IRAQ's ONGOING killing fields and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Zionist Israel's umbrella labor organization, Histadrut, promises a GENERAL STRIKE!:


And concomitant, renascent, NAZIFIED Europe Communist purges, underlying, at the nexus, heart of ALL above, extending from USSR dissolution, continue forward in tandem with OUR own HIDEOUS, OBSCENE, VITRIOLIC JBANC, of which our hypocritical, cynical, sanitized, nominal and putative "progressive," Ohio Congressional Democratic House Representative Kucinich, affiliated as a co-founder of our Congressional BALTIC CAUCUS, about which I did MANY previous posts:




I have not even bothered mentioning Egypt's southern North African neighbor, SUDAN, its equally repulsive, pseudo Fundamentalist, Islamic government with their present NOT-SO-RED Chinese energy investments and Sudan's infamous 1980s Nimeiry ISLAMIC government oil investor, Adnan Khashoggi, and, yes, Citigroup, all facilitating Sudan bankruptcy, theft and subsequent debt, not too mention fomenting civil war.
A tour-de-force.

I must arbitrarily stop here, but, end on a gratuitous educational note.

Following is a delightful, entertaining presentation of a very sad, serious, important and tragic historical subject matter.
As you will see from the audience to whom the presentation is directed, the authors distill it down into a very few pertinent, salient facts, ingredients, and tell it, as I describe above, in an extremely simple, didactic manner.

Sort of an historical Sesame Street but applicable for ALL ages.
I GUARANTEE you will NOT notice how fast an hour presentation goes by.

Some time ago, for example, I was surprised to learn the EXTENT of Asian/China involvement in the "West Indies," i.e., Caribbean, sugar mercantile trading SYSTEM about which previously I was unaware and its PERNICIOUS effects in China, being only ONE aspect of a complex subject, as presented below:


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