Saturday, February 12, 2011


First about Israel Histadrut GENERAL STRIKE.

Given context, timing and general circumstances, could be very important:


After Histadrut, another upcoming GREEK GENERAL STRIKE, FEBRUARY 23:


Greek General Strike, resistance, opposition and labor action against a background of ongoing IMF/EU Greek PRIVATIZATION negotiations:


Of course, labor actions above, as so many others, get NO publicity, media attention, coverage, support, enthusiasm, cheer leading, whatsoever here by OUR NAZI propaganda corporate press, unlike THEIR made for TV, staged, NON-revolution Egyptian event and DESPICABLE, collaborative, CIA infiltrated, subversive NAZI labor union FRONT thugs, mafia.
By the way, Egyptian VISUALS reminiscent of NAZI inspired crowd rallies, just like that of former NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's HITLER YOUTH RALLIES during HIS/THEIR staged election campaign events.
Many nefarious, insidious ways exist to accomplish such ends and purposes.
ALL visuals straight out of a previous NAZI/FASCIST playbook, just like ALL else in our world at the moment, including a NAZI manufactured, sponsored, religious ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST movement, repeating the SAME formula all the time, but, a formula NOT WORKING.

As a side note to all this, in our game of energy pipeline war and improvised "chicken," Egypt-Israel EMG pipeline sabotaged, so, it SEEMS, tit-for-tat, Iran pipelines attacked, or, you blow up my pipes, I huff and puff and blow up yours, threatened the big bad wolf to 3 little piggy wiggies:


Another Iran gas explosion today.
Remember, we both want and SPONSOR regime change IN IRAN, as well.


Now, the following short news item caught my attention.

Remember MERCHANTBRIDGE, BASIL AL-RAHIM, REND RAHIM FRANCKE of former HARVARD University business circle Kanan MAKIYA fame??

Well, apparently Basil Rahim DIED recently of "unknown circumstances" in a plane crash.

Of course, accidents DO happen, which this MAY be.

On the other hand, considering circumstances in Iraq and THEIR prominent role, it does make me wonder.

IF it were a contrived "accident," assassination, WHO was responsible for it?
I can only guess.
What was the purpose??
Threat?? Revenge?? Retaliation?? Theft??
So many possible suspects and motives.
Hard to say:


For those who need a crash refresher course or know nothing at all in the first place about PROMINENT, WELL-CONNECTED RAHIM of Merchantbridge and Harvard Circles, here's a TINY reminder of his/their/her connections to which I refer above:


And a much more extensive background below about BASIL RAHIM, including Rahim as member of an equally powerful, well-connected Carlyle Group and mentioned below, also, an earlier, 1980s, MidEast OFFSETS program.
The only reason I note a seemingly minor aspect of an earlier MidEast OFFSETS is, because, murdered WSJ reporter Daniel PEARL wrote an article before his untimely demise questioning and researching MURKY MidEast UAE offset connections, an article to which I linked in my previous blog:


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