Friday, February 25, 2011


A QUICK note today...

Needless to say, Greek opposition gets NO coverage, here, in the greatest United Suckers and Assholes country on planet Earth, except for some violence, of course.

Meanwhile, just about everything our NAZI/FASCIST ESTABLISHMENT AND THEIR FAKE OPPOSITION media, from print journalism to internet to TV to labor unions to academia, for that matter, the entire MidEast and world, regarding LIBYA represents one big, giant, huge, ORCHESTRATED disinformation campaign.
LIBYAN foreign mercenaries, covert groups, hired help, as usual, USED by US/EU attributed to Ghaddafi.

Just invert THEIR PROPAGANDA and one gets a more or less mirror image of who and what THEY are and do.

They do tell you, it's just one must turn truth upside down, inside out.

So, in desperation, since nothing else works, now the NAZI/FASCISTS scum talk about sanctioning Libya, the usual human rights crap, etc.
The appalling, cynical hypocrisy of NAZI/FASCIST propaganda and UTTER, crass, stupidity of OUR collaborators alliance EVEN WORSE.

I can't stomach seeing or hearing it or them, here or there.
So, I thought, instead, I would end by linking to a commentary, summary, sparing me having to digest, expose myself to, stomach further INTELLECTUAL JUNK FOOD, CRAP, GARBAGE, POISON, at least, for the moment.
It's making me sick.
I could not say it better than that below.
This is about it in a nutshell:


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