Thursday, February 17, 2011


Article below claims new/old EGYPT military ruler, Defense Minister TANTAWI, DOES NOT SUPPORT PRIVATIZATION!!

Problem FOR ME.
I can NOT verify it.
I have NO idea IF reporting below is accurate, spin or misrepresentation BECAUSE I know NOTHING about Tantawi and Egypt's internal affairs and personalities.
And, of course, I disregard most of what the article says as disinformation, spin interspersed with what MIGHT be real FACT TOWARDS THE BOTTOM.
So, I can only HOPE, in this instance, reporting at the end is accurate.
But, events clearly will give a picture which way the wind blows.
I am inclined to believe it BECAUSE significant information is EMBEDDED at the END AND surrounded, presented, characterized with necessary, perfunctory, appropriate spin, so it may well be true.
ALL NAZI Dictatorships demand ACCURATE, IMPORTANT facts be encoded, surrounded, embedded by perfunctory spin, disinformation, etc., to pass by self-imposed censorship.
So, one must know HOW TO READ and interpret clues, formula, etc.:



Meanwhile, back in NAZI occupied Homeland of planet Earth's greatest United Suckers and Assholes country, JP MORGAN CHASE, "banks," further implicated in stuffed pig Bernie MADOFF now infamous, squealing, jailhouse scandal.
So, what else is new??
But, of course, when our crappy NY Times and/or other commercial media discover half baked facts and semblances of truth, suddenly, they transform themselves becoming remarkable revelations.
Moses descends from a skyscraper mountaintop conveying truth and wisdom through the NY Times.
And, then, all genuflect or kowtow to NY Times Mt. Olympus, purveyor of divine revelation.


Finally, having to do with Marat's name popping up in different places, recently, I was reminded of a most outstanding, classic performance of MARAT/SADE by the Royal Shakespeare Company some time back with a SUPERB cast.
Perhaps, I'm quite sure, many of you saw this film.
I certainly would not mind seeing it again on a large screen.
But, for others, just in case, I decided I would link to it, having discovered it available, sequentially, in numbered parts, which you can follow on youtube for free, better than nothing.
Below PART 2.
Numbered parts located on the right hand side bar of the link following, including PART 1, opening sequence:


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