Sunday, March 25, 2012


Flowing from a previous post, just below, it seems Alice and Wonderland Through a Looking Glass DARKLY resides in Greece as well as United Suckers and Assholes greatest nation on Planet Earth.

DIFFERENCE between Greek Independence Day celebrations, parades, events as REPORTED on websites/blogs, like, for example, one below, AND, those of Greek official ones being a proverbial night and day experience:

By the way, small historical aside, footnote, for those with curiosity that MAY pique by some references I use.

Jabberwocky, a term first INVENTED by MATHEMATICIAN Lewis Caroll in his named book above, Alice in Wonderland, SPECULATED as POSSIBLY a CONCEPTION derived, inspired, from an Arabic source as well as others, although, more contextual information available as to its lineage in following link.
EXCERPT to which I refer above and link follows from which to BEGIN etymological investigations and adventures:

"...In note 7-10 in Barry Mazur's "Imagining Numbers" it's speculated that the "Jabberwocky" is derived from "Kitāb al-jabr wa al-muqābala", the ninth-century work of mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, also noting that in Carroll's book the word appears first written from right to left, like Arabic..."



Once again, one might wonder why bother featuring a seemingly obscure report below about Wells Fargo court subpoenas in view of Draconian global events, such as those in Greece above AND the Mideast.

BECAUSE, some time back, when Rockefeller/Morgan/Exxon/CITIGROUP first gobbled up other "failing" financial entities, banks, in our/their MANUFACTURED DEBT CRISIS, AND, Citigroup REWARDED THEMSELVES with TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program), i.e., MORE TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES, in their NAZI PUPPET OBOOMA DICTATORSHIP, I ASSUMED Citigroup would grab former Wachovia Bank assets, which, subsequently, fell to Wells Fargo instead, thus, representing a COUP, NOT supposed, scheduled, to happen.

BOTH DID fight, tangle legally, at the time.
Wells Fargo won.

Ever since, I wondered HOW Citigroup MIGHT manage STILL to get hold of Wachovia Bank asset remnants, which are/were substantial ones.

Therefore, I SUSPECT a following MAY be HOW, means by which, Citigroup manages STILL to strip Wells Fargo of formerly acquired Wachovia assets in a forced liquidation, fire sale.

Keep your eye on a moving target, bouncing ball

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