Friday, March 30, 2012


I thought it important for numerous reasons to spotlight an historical link about WWII, below, specifically, a Greek CP, KKE, role, as it is nicely, concisely, presented FOR OTHERS who MAY be less conscious, aware.

All the more reason, as you will see upon reading, WHY I reiterate a current GREEK CP, KKE, collaboration with ANY modern day NAZI occupation force, such as manufactured ARYAN IRAN, IRAN IN IRAQ, Iranian sponsored horrific 8 year war, INVASION, AGGRESSION, against Iraq, and their CURRENT OCCUPATION, NAZI Islamic Iran funded MIDEAST militias, thugs, becomes more than embarrassing, to put it mildly.
Equally, if not more, true, however, for former USSR countries:

From the above, I link, connect, back to a previous post I did.
Aside from overlapping political times, circumstances, milieu, ONE OUTSTANDING COMMON DENOMINATOR, CHARACTERISTIC, FEATURE, neither Greeks above AND/OR ROSENBERG EVER NAMED NAMES, COOPERATED, COMPROMISED, COLLABORATED and/or GAVE LEGITIMACY to US NAZI show trials, a main reason for execution:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, edification, IF you are curious, wish to hear a fascinating discussion, a Rosenberg, now Meeropol, granddaughter recently produced an independent DOCUMENTARY about her family and this subject.
Below an interview and live audience DISCUSSION WITH HER and her parents about her documentary.
Unfortunately, I have NOT seen her film, just discussion of it below:


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