Thursday, March 15, 2012


If an award such as that named above existed, a link below definitely warrants it.
Be forewarned.
If you find yourselves scratching your head confusedly, mystified, by double/triple speak, euphemisms, convoluted, tortured logic, intellectual obscurantism, analogies, references, analysis, you are not alone.
It is NOT YOU.
If you suffer headaches, take two aspirins and STAY in or under the bed.
When FIRST reading this headline my eyes nearly popped out of my head and I laughed hysterically.
Today's joke.
Intriqued, curious, excited, puzzled, I read on with anticipation to see just HOW 1848 Europe, German, historic peasant revolts relate to 2012 MidEast events.
Quite an imaginative FICTIONAL stretch below.
Would you agree??
EXCELLENT example of Jabberwocky, rationalization in a Land of Oz, Alice Through a Looking Glass Darkly, tortured NAZI Dictatorship logic.
HOWEVER, buried, esconced, in verbiage and jargon lay, I believe, an oblique answer, reference, to SOME questions posed in my earlier posts just the other day (see Tuesday entries underneath) as to WHY, for which, what, reasons, purposes, reportedly a US DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) DIRECTOR visited Egypt (and Bahrain).
See if YOU can find answers to which I refer in our NAZI puzzle palace, a reflecting house of mirrors, reverberating echo chamber.
Consider it as test, exercise, art form, skill, necessary when residing anywhere, anyplace, in NAZI/FASCIST Dictatorships.
Into a dark, deep, abyss, place, we descend:

Ending on an appropriate theme, note, a song from another excellent movie/show:



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