Sunday, March 4, 2012


Taking a short respite, mental health note, away from our perpetual COLLECTIVE GLOBAL NAZI GUTTER and its PREDICTABLE, SORDID, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, BIG, NOT LITTLE, SHOP OF HORRORS which I itemize, enumerate, analyze, follow daily, repeatedly, I thought, instead, today, I would feature, share, something abit more uplifting.
Another point of personal preference.
Our PBS TV stations must be COMPLIMENTED, commended, rewarded, encouraged, for broadcasting, sharing, PUBLICLY OVER THE AIR, NOT CABLE TV, for ALL to view, a STELLAR, SPECTACULAR, performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber 25 year long Broadway show, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, recently staged in London's Royal Prince Albert Hall.
Below is a PBS link.
Much more available on YOUTUBE and elsewhere on the web if you search.


Below I provide a Wiki link for anyone possibly totally unfamiliar, in the dark, pardon pun, with the above production:


I can only imagine what a contemporary musical genius like beloved Lenny Bernstein would say IF he were alive to comment??
Alas, Lenny being no longer amongst us.
A great loss.

A few more editorial comments since this is MY blog, thus, can I indulge myself.
As in all else, it is beyond disgusting, deplorable, despicable, sickening, revolting, PUBLIC TV finances reduced virtually to nothing, instead of, as usual, EXPANDED, SUBSIDIZED, GREATER.
In the 1960s, former FCC Chair, Newt Minow, aptly described TV as a "VAST WASTELAND" represented by commercial, corporate, domination.
Instead, now, we have MORE, NOT LESS, VAST WASTELAND in the form of crappy SUBSCRIPTION DRIVEN commercial CABLE (not FREE over the air) TV, intertwined with REDUNDANT INTERNET, CELLPHONE, ELECTRONIC gadgets, services of all sorts and kinds.
PBS remains a shadow of its former self, dependent ever further, not less, upon CORPORATE, PRIVATE FOUNDATION MONIES, donors, sponsors.
This, of course, being intentionally designed policy so as to make PBS dependent, influenced, compromised in quality and content, thus, NOT presenting a viable, competing, substantial, alternative to commercial TV MONOPOLY vacuum.
TV is and can be an extraordinarily POTENT information, educational and communication device, medium, tool.
It's vast, enormous, POTENTIAL barely, hardly, tapped.
Instead, SQUANDERED, handed virtually FREE, on a silver platter, to mindless and mind numbing COMMERCIAL entertainment TV.
For those completely unfamiliar with historical background, eternally competing, contested, economic/political baggage, interests, surrounding establishment of a not-for-profit, public, US educational TV/radio medium, system, a Wiki SNIPPET gives one a flavor, hint, small idea of our endless boxing ring:


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