Sunday, February 3, 2013


I reiterate I receive NUMEROUS unsolicited investment conference e-mail invitations and information of varying sorts and kinds.

Occasionally, I post one or two of particular amusement or interest to myself and/or perhaps others.

For example, this one below.

PERHAPS, I thought, OTHERS ABROAD MIGHT wish to respond via e-mail to these opportunistic pimps and whores at their illustrious IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY, LARGEST single PRIVATE Philadelphia City EMPLOYER, investor, developer, speculator, owner of prime real estate, recipient of Federal taxpayer medical, science, State Dept, CIA, military, funds, research programs, grants, awards, scholarships, PRIVATE endowments, etc. AND participant of PUBLIC-PRIVATE CHARTER SCHOOL partnerships which OUR NAZI PARTNERED AFL-CIA ENDORSES and taxpayer "stimulus" monies SUPPORT:

As an appropriate backdrop to above conference and continuum from previous posts, a SHORT NASSER video below with a few amusing Nasser remarks about MB.

I chose this video BECAUSE ENGLISH CAPTIONING available at TOP so those, such as I, being linguistically challenged, can share and appreciate it along with Arabic speakers:

And, then, a few more examples of OUR/THEIR FREEDOM LOVING NAZI OCCUPIED EGYPT IMF/MB/MURSI, the kind U OF P WHARTON BUSINESS SCHOOL MENA CONFERENCE LOVES TO LOVE, a photo gallery of recent Egypt insurrection AGAINST THEIR current NAZI MB/IMF OCCUPIERS, overseers, slaveholders, bond, debt, holders, etc.:

In theoretical physics arguments exist about a universe versus possible, hypothetical, multiverse.

I can assure everyone concerned I/WE ALL RESIDE IN EXISTING PARALLEL SPACE TIME UNIVERSES here on Planet Earth.

That is NO joke.

"Being determines consciousness."

It remains to ME constantly remarkable, incredulous, mind boggling, jaw dropping, ludicrous, ALL (and more) above occurs while PEOPLE CONDUCT DAILY BUSINESS (LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY, LIKE THOSE ABOVE) AS IF NOTHING UNTOWARD or UNUSUAL WERE HAPPENING, in complete, willing, voluntary, DELUSIONAL DENIAL.

In THEIR world above, simultaneous parallel developments have NO internal, intrinsic, correlation, function, impact, consequences, impact, to/with/on one another.

Out of sight, out of mind.

A magic sleight of hand trick.

In reality, of course, SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE becomes an inevitable consequence of "Our Lady of Perpetual War and Despair," suppression, repression, oppression, destabilization, market competition, a COLLISION course propelled by INTERNAL systemic TRAJECTORIES, exigencies, needs, fueled, fanned, flamed, aided and abetted, exacerbated, intensified, deepened, by such maniacal lunatic policies, rather than ameliorated, NAMED, recognized, changed, altered, FOR WHAT IT IS AND WHOM IT/THEY REPRESENT.

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