Thursday, February 14, 2013


A link, in my earlier entry just below EMBEDDED backwards in previous posts I did, I consider such a fine example of JOURNALISM, being really history, contemporary events, recorded, reported, as they occur, I decided to FEATURE IT just in case you missed it.

Read and study it carefully.
It is illustrative.
It is quite BLATANT.
Not much ambiguity about it.

It probably represents 1 or 2% of ALL journalism at the moment.

IF all/most reports, unlike the other 99-98% of garbage, propaganda, shit, brainwashing, titillation, diversion, were of THIS NATURE and SORT and UNDERSTOOD for what they are and whom they represent, the world for sure would be a different place.

Below what I call straightforward, BLUNT, no words minced, threat, blackmail, extortion, intimidation, quid pro quo bargain, an EXPLANATION.

Then, after reading carefully, ask yourselves MY question.
Do recent Egypt developments, coup, and subsequent collapse of Mubarak regime EMG-Israel sweetheart gas deal, at least partially, if not completely, represent realization of veiled threats, consequences, as articulated by Wurmser concerning Noble Energy (and oil/gas political economy in general) and Sheshinski Committee in an interview as recorded below??:

And, then, see my earlier post/s, below, from whence I retrieved embedded link above with many more from which to choose...

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