Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Below/above, a subject about which generally I do not post.
For those uninterested, simply skip it.
You have no obligation to read/buy.
In all honesty, what happens AND REASONS FOR IT in MY human world are all too predictable, sickening, disgusting, revolting and nauseating.
FOR MYSELF and others, perhaps, something abit different.
A brief intellectual, mental, emotional, respite, excursion away from current barbaric, bestial, troglodytes, transparent, greedy, ruling reptilian brains and their pernicious activities.
I find as presented above/below Maxlow's thesis eminently reasonable, plausible, compelling, something certainly to be considered.
IF accurate, its implications to be determined.
Plate tectonics still MAY function, however, PERHAPS, as a PARTIAL explanation for SOME, at least a few, phenomena as consequence of, AFTER, solidifying, cooling and stretching of earth crust, mantel.
But, overall, Maxlow's thesis seems to ME to be a very satisfying, elegant, explanation:



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