Friday, November 1, 2013


I highlight an EU link/statement below from GREEK KKE/CP website to explain heading above.


SAME groups continue NOT taking an EQUALLY PRINCIPLED POSITION, STANCE, REGARDING NAZI MANUFACTURED ARYAN ISLAMIC IRAN/PERSIA and their ERSATZ, PSEUDO, BOGUS, RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM, EXPANSIONISM, an OCCUPIED ARAB IRAQ, Egypt MB, Hezbollah, Hamas, AND ITS/THEIR CORRESPONDING COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY junior and senior partners dismantling a former PAN ARAB SOCIALIST movement, most certainly encompassing, but, not limited to, Saudi (Rockefeller EXXON SAUDI ARAMCO) sponsored Jihadists, Salafists, Afghan/PAKistan Taliban, Turkey's AKP, Chechnya "freedom fighters/thugs/drug/war lords," etc..

So, as I say in previous posts, what is good for an Arab goose being equally applicable for a European gander, just dressed cosmetically in different clothes as culture and necessity dictate.

"A rose is a rose is a rose," paraphrased, "a NAZI rose smells like a NAZI rose by ANY other name."

It/they do NOT pass a smell test:


Personally, I hate material on these posts BECAUSE to ME it is like reinventing a wheel, or, demonstrating gravity as THE/A fundamental principle FORCE of a universal physics.

Been there, done that.

The material being a negatively minus intellectual endeavor, tedious, boring, insipid, uninspiring, depressing, etc.

Unfortunately, terrestrial human life being but a brief candle, to paraphrase our most illustrious English language Thespian, thus, shameful to waste time pursuing and demonstrating endlessly what ALREADY is widely known and understood, creating NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

So many other REAL QUESTIONS remain to be answered.

But, alas, those questions will not be answered IF our species disappears entirely off of Planet Earth.

Nor is it possible to IGNORE a most DIRE MAN MADE situation for BILLIONS living on our planet thanks to PRIMORDIAL, REPTILIAN, PRIMITIVE, GREED, AVARICE, from troglodytes such as those above.

SYSTEMIC SOCIAL problems, solutions, are WELL KNOWN, analyzed, UNDERSTOOD.

VOLUMES, LIBRARIES, EXIST devoted to theory and practice.

It simply becomes a matter of application.

IN PARTICULAR INSTANCE, in US, where we have a COMATOSE population and absentee CLASS OPPOSITION, a political VACUUM exists thanks PRIMARILY to AFL-CIA/SEIU/ILO CLASS collaboration, appeasement, partnership, INVESTMENT with THOSE ABOVE and their suicidal lemming collective DENIAL behaviour.

ONE and ONLY one way exists to reinforce a MINORITY CLASS DICTATORSHIP, MONOPOLY, and its inevitable, concomitant, SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE, demise, contradictory force implosion, both here and abroad, namely, ongoing, continued, escalating, FORCE, COERCION, REPRESSION, SUPPRESSION, VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATION, THREAT, as in days of yore.

Plugging multiplying HOLES springing up in a proverbial Dutch dike.

Tried and true OLD formulas, tactics, sad to say, revived with help of some more modern tactics and electrical gadgets and wizardry.

Nothing particularly illuminating, inspirational, about that/this situation.

No great intellectual revelations here.

However, despite a gloomy picture, enormous opportunity DOES exist for an entire SPECIES to solve THEIR/OUR collective GLOBAL problems IF only a RETROGRADE PRIVATE CLASS based OWNERSHIP system CONTRACTED, shriveled, shrank, ceased to exist and be THE determinant factor in natural and human resource allocation, production, distribution, IF need, NOT greed and profit, increased rather than decreased consumption and conservation, DETERMINED productive social organization.

As a collective whole, humanity NOW comprehends so MUCH more about our NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND GLOBAL, COSMIC, FORCES dictating daily existence than preceding epochs gone by.

Prospects, future discoveries, are EXCITING.

COLLECTIVE global and local solutions are very much within OUR grasp.

Possibilities literally being endless, along with universal, ongoing, education, skill application, learning, experience, experimentation, theory and practice, research, etc.

A full employment economy with housing, education, food, transportation, energy, medical attention, a secure old, young AND middle age provided BY, OF, AND, FOR, ALL.

Absolutely NO practical reason exists for  continued, endless, ceaseless, INCREASING, GRINDING POVERTY, perpetual "wars on poverty" and cynical, hypocritical, philanthropy.

By definition, as part and parcel of an intrinsically inherent, UNEQUAL, economic system of PRIVATE asset ownership and appropriation, POVERTY EXISTS as an entirely man made HIERARCHICAL pyramid resembling those of ancient Egypt structures.

So little time to do it.
So many hands, intellects, people, WASTED by TROGLODYTES who HOLD ALL HUMANITY HOSTAGE perpetuating intentional SHORTSIGHTED ignorance for THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN!! 

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