Monday, November 4, 2013


To honor latest episode in GREEK continuous militant labor actions, GENERAL STRIKES, another of which to occur in a few days, NOVEMBER 6, (of course, NOT HERE), I thought to FEATURE a nice historical capsule, reminder, regarding NAZI/FASCIST GREEK history, in particular, from a website I did not visit for awhile but perused just now again.

More available at same website.


Since they nicely provide some footnotes at the bottom, I will take this opportunity to REMIND READERS here and/or abroad about another WELL KNOWN classic journalistic name HERE, and, maybe, also, beyond and whom I feature many times, that being, George SELDES 1943 self-published book, "FACTS AND FASCISM," available now on-line.

Then, in addition, afterward, Charles HIGHAM's 1983 book, "TRADING WITH THE ENEMY." 

Many more exist, of course.

But, these 2 being very good places to start.

And, as prelude to CURRENT events, to whet your appetite a wee bit IF you do NOT already know either and/or information contained within them, some choice, juicy, EXCERPTS from Higham's book at following website which ALSO offers Seldes EXCERPTS, as well:

Now onto GREEK website and link that precipitated my above references.
One caveat.
I do NOT endorse Anarchism in any way, fashion, or, shape.
Nonetheless, factual material organized and presented below always appreciated and helpful:


THEN, how can one resist adding a note regarding template of LIBERATED country like NAZI IRAN/KRG OCCUPIED ARAB IRAQ as it disintegrates, dissolves, liquefies, before one's very eyes, similar to seismic consequences.

Sounds very much like post liberated Afghanistan, those whom we saved from USSR domination with mercenary "FREEDOM FIGHTERS," not to mention others "liberated" by those above:


Finally, not least of all, a domestic housekeeping note.
NAZI RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN DIS-UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES comatose homeland feign legitimacy, sanity, as nightmare Obooma-does-NOT-care medical insurance program train wreck, along with ALL other policies like debt, stimulus, combine, rolling inexorably onwards together towards their ultimate fate, social breakdown, disaster, fiasco, calamity, disintegration, like those above, ALL of which SUPPORTED, INVESTED, PARTNERED WITH, BY NAZI US LABOR UNION whores!

What more to say??

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