Saturday, November 30, 2013


Preface necessary.

In previous posts I linked to MANY entries from a SUPERB IRAQ blogger, below.

Eloquence speaks for itself, so I need not belabor a point.
Judge for yourselves.
No further explanations needed.

But, FOR MANY MONTHS, when NO entries appeared below, too LONG a time as far as I am concerned, I became VERY worried given DANGEROUS regional environment.

My concern being many DISAPPEARED PERSONS, a favorite NAZI tactic employed globally and locally, and, thus, POSSIBLY another victim.

Although FIRST HAND subject matter, content, below, powerful, expressive and morbidly depressing, paradoxically, I experience a sigh of joy, relief, gratitude, at PERSONAGE, lone VOICE OF DISSENT in an otherwise barren political wilderness, NOT amongst all too many DISAPPEARED:

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