Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Remember Citadel and Hitler??
You should.
TODAY'S COMIC RELIEF regarding above:


In case you do NOT remember infamous CITADEL Capital background, some of which contained in preceding link and, of course, on their own website, below ONE of MY many reminders:


As for living HERE in EXCEPTIONAL DIS-UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES Alice in Wonderland Thru a Looking Glass Darkly, Wizard of Oz,  Orwellian double/triple speak, inverted, NAZI Dictatorship, as I characterize it many times over, a train wreck, disaster, with total, complete, absolute, NAZI collaboration, appeasement, capitulation, compromise, partnership, investments; people, corporations, ECONOMIC SYSTEM, comatose, brain dead, zombies, "tranquillized slaves," resuscitated endlessly on DEBT/STIMULUS, fiat money, a terminal, dysfunctional, health care life support system; a vast media commercial ESTABLISHMENT of intellectual and physical nutritional junk food, diversions, distractions, Hollywood manufactured fantasy land, BIG AND LITTLE LIES, electronic, TV, and, print medium cacophony, a reverberating echo chamber, education, or, miseducation, indoctrination, and, so on and on it goes, rippling outwards from BIG BROTHER sitting at the TOP of a humongous, putrefying, NAZI garbage heap!!


To end on THAT note, above, I TREAT you to a little cultural tidbit I myself just HAPPENED to see/discover, admittedly, 70 years late.

Better late than never.

A 1942 movie, "To Be or Not To Be," starring a YOUNG US C0MEDIAN, satirist, Jack Benny.

Some reading this MAY be familiar with Benny's name, others MAY not.
I, myself, ONLY knew Benny as a considerably OLDER person.

By way of introduction, suffice it to say, in 1942 Benny was at the HEIGHT of his illustrious career and I was CURIOUS to SEE how he performed, thus, I watched this OLD film.

I became pleasantly amazed by it and BOTH Benny and Lombard's performances and could see from WHENCE AND HOW Mel Brooks subsequently derived SOME of his SATIRE!!

It/he/they were HYSTERICAL!!
Remember, it is COMEDY, SATIRE, beautifully and cleverly executed on a NUMBER of, more than one, thematic levels.

One must suspend disbelief as EVERYONE speaks ENGLISH, despite the fact the film plot is set in NAZI Occupied Poland!!
It is WORTH this one shortcoming.

So, below, a SAMPLE CLIP from his movie, with Benny featured on RIGHT hand side of the visual screen and, at THAT particular MOMENT, NOT Hitler.

I HOPE you can find it in its entirety either on youtube or somewhere else.
ENJOY, as I did!:


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