Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I hope you did a homework assignment from previous posts in which I highlighted ABOVE/BELOW relationship, and, a/their conference, sponsorship.
IF NOT, spelled out JUST for YOU with link below.
Be sure to PERUSE, CLICK ON TO, all categories offered at TOP of their WEBSITE:

Pernicious, VICIOUS, INSIDIOUS, RECIDIVIST "CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY," EVIL INCARNATE, SINISTER, DIABOLIC, HYPOCRITICAL, MANIPULATIVE, SELF-SERVING, NAZI LINEAGE ROCKEFELLER dynasty being SO vast, internecine, interconnected, incestuous, intertwined, a spider's web, octopus, of deceit and whose who, who owns whom and what, it is totally impossible for me to do justice to it/them providing more than a FEW SALIENT FACTS.

The rest being up to YOU to further research, read, study, a vast HISTORICAL AND CURRENT subject.

By the way, MY preceding descriptive adjectives, words, are NOT HYPERBOLE, but, bone-chillingly ACCURATE, like a horror movie, actually UNDERSTATEMENT, since I am unable to depict linguistically, without visual aid, a CUMULATIVE sum of HORRIFIC CRIMES against HUMANITY, PLANET, NATURE, THEY represent.

One more background EXAMPLE, SNIPPET, regarding ROCKEFELLER:

Finally, an irresistible, star studded cast, of NAZI "philanthropic" CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP encompassing Africa which I thought "yawl" MIGHT enjoy:

PRIVATE capital accumulation REPRESENTED by ROCKEFELLER and those above, monopoly cartels, stop at NOTHING whatsoever to protect their fundamental ECONOMIC INTERESTS, international friends, partners, associates, clients.

NO horrific, exquisite, barbaric, bestial, torture techniques, murder, carnage, plunder, rape, dismemberment, imprisonment, concentration camps, slave labor, HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS against ALL humanity, being squeamish impediments for THEM.

In days of yore, in classical antiquity, etc., EMPIRE building and PRIVATE CAPITAL ACCUMULATION, APPROPRIATION, were accomplished GLOBALLY, EVERYWHERE, OUTRIGHT, with no "democracy and human rights" face put on their happy escapades.

Indeed, most, if not all, empires proudly proclaimed themselves by "divine right," whichever deity, cosmic entity, supernatural force, they chose.

Now, however, SAME gets cloaked in CYNICAL, hypocritical, SELF-SERVING, philanthropy, human rights, democracy.

"Arbeit macht frei!"

Finally, I could NOT, ONCE MORE, resist posting a delightful video BELOW which MANY TIMES in the past I did, connected with above subject, namely:
For those reading my blog/posts for a LONG TIME, I apologize.
This is terribly redundant, and, IF I were standing in front of you, you might just boo me off the stage.
But, for others, hopefully, it is new AND for ME, CONTINUES to be delightful.
I cannot help but marvel at what a timeless, clever, classic, ingenuous, artistic commentary Taco managed to put together below:

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