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As sort of a public service, I highlight a book discussion by author, BELOW, about preceding subject matter, ECONOMIC PACT between HOLLYWOOD & HITLER.

For serious HISTORICAL students, however, a much BROADER, WIDER, CONTEXTUAL PATTERN exists with detailed subject matter below helping to ILLUMINATE a PATTERN, ALLUDED TO IN a QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD AT END.

One must credit the author for exhaustively and tediously researching and bringing to light extensive archival documents, providing the rest of us an invaluable service at his expense and time.

Further, having NOT read his book, he/it MAY provide greater context than that which he discussed at this very brief event.

As usual, past represents prologue and, hopefully, presumably, you will easily notice present day similarities, patterns, a continuum:


So, why above heading?

Well, in keeping with preceding subject matter and a New Year prognosis, I RUMINATE, SPECULATE, on POSSIBLE 2014 scenarios.

Many variables, moving parts, of course, exist, similar to a weather report, a fluid, dynamic, changing, shifting, situation.

BUT, FOR SURE, our economic system is BANKRUPT, COMATOSE, a PARASITICAL VAMPIRE, on life support and NOT capable of REVITALIZATION.

So, the ONLY solution I envision to THEIR grand, desperate, finale, endemic, systemic, economic collapse, implosion, "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" (TARP, debt, stimulus, quantitative easing) GRAND LARCENY scenario, and, concomitant "inconvenient" consequences, truths, developments, for those left behind footing THEIR NATIONAL bill, MORE external and/or internal "terrorist" PROVOCATIONS, THREAT, state of HOMELAND INSECURITY, EMERGENCY, ENEMIES, ESCALATING MILITARISM, WAR, martial law, suppression, repression, in short, perpetual FASCISM, NAZISM.

NO OTHER PAST or present SOLUTION to THEIR economic DILEMMA exists!!

Already, for some time, these processes, incidents, have played themselves out, ESCALATING, multiplying, as ever THEY grow more desperate as a regurgitated, resuscitated, NAZI EMPIRE OF CRIME.

By THEY, I mean, ALL PRIVATE PROPERTIED GLOBAL CLASS INTERESTS COMBINED together, encompassing their PATHOLOGICALLY DERANGED CLONES, surrogates, hired help, mercenaries, thugs, war & drug lords, proxy militia forces, "lunatic fringe," etc.

Possessing NO other solutions, answers, past=present, so, ESCALATING MILITARISM, WAR, ONLY possible response intensifying POLICIES of internal and external suppression, repression, nationalism, patriotism, jingoism, class EXPLOITATION, ONGOING THEFT, PLUNDER, RAPE, RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, etc.

MANY GLOBAL HOT SPOT candidates exist for such provocations, primary one, of course, being MIDEAST/MENASA region, disintegrating, evaporating, before THEIR very eyes.

However, INCIDENTS, PROVOCATIONS, "ATTACK," escalation, can be MANUFACTURED AS WELL elsewhere, justifying greater global WARFARE and above policies EVERYWHERE.

So, MY 2014 prognosis.

In conclusion, representing variations on a theme, recapitulating preceding prognosis, a 2008 post.

Just add on to it a few additional, necessary, developments, and, it remains SUBSTANTIALLY correct:


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