Monday, February 17, 2014


As afterthought, addendum, to my ENTRY JUST BELOW which features prominent AFL-CIA President Porky Pig (of Mineworkers Union), Trumka, and, his compatriot CIA stooge, puppet, toy boy, Obooma, add to a long laundry list, stable, of FASCIST SPONSORED, ANTI-COMMUNIST, PSEUDO LEFT/OPPOSITION ESTABLISHMENT FRONT GROUPS, operatives, those highlighted in THIS post.

Does it get any better??

Once again, I found myself chuckling and laughing hysterically aloud!!

Definitely, "MANUFACTURED DISSENT," paraphrasing below!!

Today's illustrious and illustrative JOKERS in all their magnificent glory:

Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein

Noam Chomsky, Left (Photo: Mai Shaheen), Naomi Klein, Right (Photo: Reuters)


For some continuity on theme above, a FEBRUARY, 2008, post featuring FORMER and then prominent US political activist CINDY SHEEHAN AND Egypt Muslim Brotherhood!!

By the way, MORE MISSING, or, DISAPPEARED, embedded, LINKS in my 2008 post below.

I wonder why???

Got any theories, ideas, perchance??:

Anyway, I can assure anyone concerned, my posts signify an object lesson in HOW NOT to win or influence DOMESTIC friends, but, instead, make ONLY enemies.

Should you WANT, choose, desire, an illustrious professional CAREER and travel abroad, like those above, best to NOT EXPOSE operative COVER stories!!

It is NOT an act of endearment to the powers which CREATE, FUND, SPONSOR, such growth industries and opportunist career employment.

One must recognize and respect from whence and where one's bread gets buttered and collective hand/s from which one feeds at THEIR communal financial trough.

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