Saturday, February 22, 2014


Once again in the news, I could not but help remembering doing NUMEROUS EARLIER POSTS on connections named above.

Anyway, rather than TRY endlessly sorting through my own blog/posts to find appropriate material and entries, I figured I would do ONE VERY HURRIED post providing a SINGLE refresher regarding OPERATIVE TYMOSHENKO's illustrious CRIMINAL background and her/their TREACHERY.

Of course, context and intrigue develop constantly, like extended factors I indicate in my entry just below this one.

Nonetheless, a SMALL reminder about our/their Ukraine UNsav(i)ory background.

A salient extract first, link follows. 
Further details contained in report from November, 2011.
MY emphasis in bold and red type face:

" the 1990s. Lazarenko was prime minister from 1996 to 1997 and was the mentor of Tymoshenko, president of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine at the time, a private company importing Russian gas to Ukraine. Lazarenko was convicted of money laundering and is serving a prison term in the United States..."


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