Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Since I write somewhat exhaustively, repetitively, about ABOVE subject minus SPECIFICS, DETAILS, I thought to feature a COUPLE of LOCAL, small time, current EXAMPLES regarding above voluminous subject.

This one happens to be Philadelphia, well known for its GENERAL corruption.
Chicago also being especially great for such material.

MANY BOOKS and research exist on US LABOR history, in particular, post WWII racketeering which is/was INTENTIONALLY designed, like a reconstituted mafia in post WWII Italy, emanating from US 1947 NATIONAL SECURITY ACT, CODIFIED NAZI STATE COLD WAR APPARATUS and corollary ANTI-COMMUNIST Taft-Hartley Labor Law POLICIES which effectively PURGED, blacklisted, eliminated, AFL-former CIO of their POLITICAL, LEFT/COMMUNIST, LEADERSHIP, along with Congressional McCarthy anti-Communist witch hunt Hearings, Rosenberg STATE EXECUTION, all REPLACED BY THIS SORT OF CROWD, INSTEAD.

Thus, it is important to understand this as an historically designed continuum, not an individual, single, local case, a few bad apples, accident, NOR, of course, an anti-union statement, which precisely is how it gets spun.

These people are inimical, anathema, TOXIC, VENOMOUS, to anything vaguely construed as CLASS representation, unions.

But, it is, I repeat, MAJOR history from above, and, for those who MIGHT be interested in LABOR RACKETEERING, refer back to some well known names such as Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters Union and Tony Boyle of the Mineworkers Union, for starters.

It is dense, which is why I can NOT possibly do it justice in a few posts, entries, blog, and, thus, I do NOT focus on one particular instance to the detriment of others, LARGER ONES, like our PRESENT day AFL-CIA UMBRELLA FEDERATION PRESIDENT TRUMKA'S SUPPORT FOR PRIVATIZED OBOOMA HEALTH CARE, PENSION FUND INVESTMENTS, ASTRONOMICAL DEBT MORTGAGING EVERYONE and everything that breathes, lives, walks, crawls, QUANTITATIVE EASING, STIMULUS, foreign adventures, interventions, ILO participation, former covert POLISH SOLIDARITY operations, etc.

So, below but one LOCAL EXAMPLE of exquisitely refined NAZI EMPIRE OF RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY techniques, like those of NAZI IRAN OCCUPIED IRAQ, and, ALL our/their SPONSORED ISLAMIC FRONT OPERATIONS from Egypt MB to Saudis, etc.:


Nothing new about such policies.


And, so goes the beat, on and on and on.
Variations on a theme.

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