Monday, March 3, 2014


Since NO ESTABLISHMENT GOVERNMENT in recent ORCHESTRATED NAZI UKRAINE PUTSCH, COUP, plan using respective military force to LIBERATE ALL UKRAINE from a/THEIR PREDETERMINED IMF & RUSSIAN Great Game, grand strategic bargain, partition, zones of influence, investment, ECONOMIC STRANGULATION, EXPLOITATION, EXTORTION, ANNEXATION, PRIVATIZATION, a UKRAINE big ECONOMIC SQUEEZE, transit point, sellout and off, I recommend in this sordid IMPERIALIST adventure Russia import some help from THEIR FRIENDLY NAZI BARBARIC ISLAMIC regime NOW OCCUPYING, ANNEXING, SOUTHERN IRAQ, along with KRG in north, SYRIA, HEZBOLLAH, HAMAS, what was FORMER EGYPT MB, Turkey's AKP, and, elements elsewhere not specifically named, like Saudis, Taliban, Chechnya,, NAMELY, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN DRACULA SADR, TORTURER-IN-CHIEF AL-RUBAI, IRAQ OIL MINISTER SHAHRISTANI!!

What are good allies, PARTNERS, and, friends for, after all??

Thus a newly created ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF UKRAINE just waiting to be birthed IMPATIENLY in the wings, like former Persia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, (Islamists used also), and, so on.

One good NAZI THUG, mercenary, goon, deserves to fight another, for sure.

So, miscellaneous NAZI ISLAMIC factions, hordes, represent a true  "growth employment industry," for interests above, and, of course, themselves, the ONLY ones THEY find to do THEIR DIRTY WORK for THEM!!

Basically, NO major nation trusts their OWN military, ground troops, to execute THEIR filthy work reliably FOR THEM.

Political costs being TOO HIGH as well as distinct possibility their OWN military MIGHT turn against them!!

So, I reiterate in previous posts, it is incumbent upon UKRAINIANS to RESIST and LIBERATE THEMSELVES, as in Mideast/MENASA region, FROM ALL OCCUPYING ECONOMIC FORCES intent upon RAPING, EXPLOITING, PLUNDERING, vast and strategic NATURAL ASSETS, RESOURCES, INDUSTRY, LABOR!!

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