Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Thanks to John HELMER Ukraine/Russia investment breakdown, analysis, below, I thought highlighting it as a good postscript, addition, to previous entries regarding an artificially manufactured Ukraine "crisis," otherwise known as UKRAINE BIG SQUEEZE, PARASITICAL BLACKMAIL,  EXTORTION, SELL OFF & OUT, ASSET LIQUIDATION, QUID PRO QUO, TIT FOR TAT, REGARDING NAZI OCCUPIED RUSSIA/IRAN/IRAQ/SYRIA PARTNERSHIP.

As indicated in previous posts, CHECKMATE in NAZI OCCUPIED UKRAINE, Ukraine being a significant geostrategic piece and energy choke/transit point in a sordid, primordial, primeval, resuscitated, NOT GREAT, Grand, but, pathetic, Game, Bargain, chessboard, in which EVERYONE SELLS THEMSELVES and OTHERS OUT and OFF to highest bidder, falling to lowest common denominator possible.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILLFUL NAZI SLAVES, including, most of all, despicable, nauseating, revolting, US WHITE HOUSE current CIA SLAVE toy boy, puppet, petulant, Obooma, and, his entire retinue, sleazy cast of characters, CRIMINAL, ILLEGITIMATE, ADMINSTRATION, EMPIRE OF BLATANT, UNABASHED, OPEN, IN ONES FACE, RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!

Although information Helmer presents below represents a piece of a totality since PRECEDING FACTORS, context, very much a part of a calculated power equation, he/it being MUCH, MUCH, APPRECIABLY, better, helpful, than garbage, junk, brainwashing, propaganda, passing for news, information, here and abroad.

A good SUBSTANTIVE ADDITION to all else on my posts:


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