Saturday, May 17, 2014


I began this post differently, but, I discovered an eloquent statement about IRAQ, LINK BELOW, encapsulating it all in a nutshell EXCEPT detailing the WHO AND WHY, naming names, so, I changed it at the last minute to lead with:

This is NOT the first time I post eloquent statements regarding NAZI OCCUPIED and PARTNERED, puppet, client, regimes of barbaric IRAN/KRG IRAQ from ANOTHER IRAQ blogger who, for the most part, stopped posting.

For a few details as to the missing WHO AND WHY, one can follow various websites like, for example, their very OWN one above, Azzaman, blatantly NAMING culprits in front of their eyes, PERNICIOUS IRAN and KRG along with parasites enumerated BELOW:

Meanwhile, in another NAZI OCCUPIED country, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF UKRAINE, a nice, additional, juicy, political/economic tidbit regarding Biden provided below:

Of course, above UKRAINE part of a much larger NAZI OCCUPATION, asset stripping, rape, looting, plunder, PRIVATIZATION, saga with more details on other websites, such as, but, not limited to:

Then, from equally NAZI OCCUPIED AKP TURKEY comes more of same.

One important caveat of concern to ME.

I see represented in NAZI OCCUPIED AKP Turkey OUR ANTI-COMMUNIST affiliated LABOR FRONT organization, ILO.
ILO represents NOTHING GOOD!!

More to add, but, a brief commentary must suffice for the moment.

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