Monday, May 19, 2014


I thought today to highlight a video below featuring above name for those TOTALLY UNINITIATED.

Consider this entry a pedagogical tool. 

For me, Nomi Prins information below is elementary, fundamental, and, NOT a THOROUGH discussion.

Like a primer.

Solution she proffers at conclusion no solution, a lame one, as far as I'm concerned.

Nonetheless, she touches some MAJOR, prominent, players, names, themes and history and I'm sure she adds some new research to voluminous documentation.

Since I did NOT read her book I do NOT know IF she discusses in greater detail themes like, for example, infighting and splits within Roosevelt's Administration; a Wall St plot to assassinate Roosevelt involving General Smedley Butler (**SEE FOOTNOTE AT BOTTOM**), which did NOT transpire ultimately, and, sponsored by SAME NAMES, BANKERS, INDIVIDUALS, CORPORATIONS, amongst OTHERS, WHO helped FINANCE NAZI PARTY, i.e., "Trading With The Enemy," "Facts and Fascism," amongst numerous sources and libraries on this subject matter.

I'm sure anyone just a wee bit familiar with this complex background knows what I mean, so, I will not belabor these points.

Basically, Prins represents a beginning, starting point, rather then end for further discussion.

It is, for example, NO coincidence, a GARGANTUAN ASSET, STOCK MARKET, BUBBLE comparable to 1929 occurs AFTER, not during or before, USSR COLLAPSE, when our ENTIRE Blue Marble pearl, planet, once again, BECOMES THEIR OYSTER to rape, plunder, steal, loot, appropriate, squander, with unbridled abandon and recidivist, barbaric, crimes against humanity, murder and mayhem Incorporated:

IF you happen to want to hear/see more of Prins, search her NAME on C-Span website.
Below, for example, another link, video, a panel, at which PRINS was speaking:


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