Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Above/below report being to me SO DESPICABLE AND EMBLEMATIC of ALL happening now, amidst more and other man made and natural terror, horror, nightmare, war, PROLIFIC Murder, Destruction, Devastation and Mayhem, Inc., I feel compelled to highlight it.

No difference between SELLING pristine Greek beaches and PEOPLE.
Everything and everyone, ASSETS, resources, labor, people, disposable, dispensable, COMMODITIES, sold to highest or lowest bidder, depending on circumstances.

Does any one really wonder why and how SELF-INDUCED DISASTROUS CLIMATE CHANGE occurs??

What PROCESSES helped these past few decades in particular ACCELERATE suicidal species climate change??

Above/below part and parcel of UNBRIDLED COMMERCIAL, PROFIT GENERATING, REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT, EXPANSION, LAND SPECULATION, luxury housing and tourism, RAPE, PLUNDER, an entire commercial edifice encompassing wholesale corporate agribusiness, domestic and abroad, reconfiguring topography, land, and, water resources.

Additionally, I featured MANY earlier posts about PEAK, then advanced by PRIVATE energy mouthpieces, versus DEEP oil and gas reservoirs, neither being limited fossil fuels, but, ubiquitous processes generated by forces deep within earths core mantel.

Nobody bothers noticing correlation of PROLIFERATING PRIVATE gas and oil "discoveries," POST USSR, MOST EVERYWHERE, but, NOT before, when MUCH of KNOWN global gas and oil were NATIONALIZED, OFF LIMITS, to speculation, and, therefore NOT profitable, like Greek beaches.

In theory, one can dig, drill, most anywhere on Planet Earth, finding gas and/or oil deposits--question being variables like HOW deep, profitability, delivery, capital costs, technology, labor, market share, price gouging, taxes, etc.

Attached to PRIVATE PETRO OR GAS DOLLARS, currency, is a controlled, revolving, circular, financial reinvestment door.

Of course, DEMAND MUST INCREASE to help satisfy above prerequisites.

So, places like China now choked and drowning, MORTGAGED to rolling steel coffins on wheels.

So, discredited peak oil theory disappears along, it seems, possibly, with pristine Greek beach pearls, asset gems, dispossessed, disenfranchised, displaced, internal and external refugees, homeless PEOPLE, economically expropriated, unemployed and/or killed outright, representing "collateral damage" HERE AND ABROAD for PRIVATE CAPITAL advancement, ASSET BUBBLES, PROFIT:


ONE reference link I extracted below which STILL WORKS from a much earlier post I did on this subject:

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