Sunday, August 10, 2014


Of course, recent US developments vis-à-vis IRAQ come as NO surprise IF one follows MY many posts for some time.

And, IF, perchance, you  reside anywhere but here, POSSIBLY you may be able to distinguish reality and fiction regarding direct US military intervention, airstrikes, economic interests, in an ONGOING, expanded, greater MIDEAST IRAQ/SYRIA war theatre and killing zone, slaughter field, nightmare of asset stripping, grabbing, expropriation.

IF one lives here they KNOW NOTHING about objective reasons anyway, even domestic ones in front of their noses.

Profound stupidity, ignorance, abounds.
Intentionally inculcated, of course.

Anyway, Iraq war NEVER ended.
A few US ground troops departed, a political fig leaf and liability for current NAZI Administration like one before it, pronouncing Mission Accomplished, war in IRAQ no longer exists.
Out of sight, out of mind. 
Poof, gone, vanished.

Pathetic reasons given NOW like "genocide" for more OVERT US military IRAQ intervention so patently absurd and ridiculous as not to be taken serious, worth commenting.

Forget visuals.

Perhaps protecting US assets and EXXON became a humanitarian endeavor??

The REAL question being to ME PRECISELY WHAT, WHICH, WHO, become US militarily targets in IRAQ at the MOMENT??

That is, what or whom could be US strategic military objectives, targets, purposes, since ALL forces currently fighting in IRAQ, one way or another, represent US puppets, mercenaries, allies, proxies, surrogates, like NAZI IRAN, SAUDIS, PESHMERGA, along with additional or supplementary private mercenaries, security firms, etc.

As I surmise previously, into preceding mix exist an Arab/IRAQ liberation, resistance, previous Baathists and a general population that HATES, DETESTS, OCCUPATION AND ANNEXATION BY THOSE ABOVE.

So, which forces represent strategic US targets given options above??

Quite frankly, I do not believe they know themselves.
It is too fluid, a dynamic situation.

The US simply created an illusory humanitarian REASON to intervene to PROTECT US assets, for example, Exxon, from whomever or whichever interests might threaten it/them.

As to which or who creates ONGOING humanitarian IRAQ/SYRIA/MIDEAST crises, answer being ALL above, not an amorphous ISIS.

But, latest, most recent, IRAQ WAR refugee exodus certainly presents a nice pretext for direct US involvement, giving the US military LEVERAGE, thus, pressing, threatening, ALL for COMPROMISE, a power sharing agreement.

But, like everything else, worse laid plans of NAZI mice and men to BACKFIRE!

Let me only add, as I did previously regarding Egypt and their DETESTABLE, hateful, pseudo Islamic, MB, ANY Arab liberation, resistance, MUST go for the JUGULAR, NO COMPROMISE with ANY above and THEIR PRIVATE economic interests, i.e., RE-NATIONALIZATION of ALL former IRAQ STATE ASSETS, NATURAL RESOURCES, AN END TO ALL OCCUPATIONS and restoration of SOVEREIGN IRAQ TERRITORIAL integrity.

ECONOMIC RESTITUTION and war crimes prosecution.

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