Thursday, August 14, 2014


Link BELOW about Iraq, but, really, everywhere else.

HERE, too.

Hope THIS NEVER becomes another amongst so many missing links.

I can ONLY say THANKS!!

It reinforces, adds to, ALL OTHER information and commentary on my PREVIOUS POSTS!!

We live amongst a FILTHY, DEBASED, DEMORALIZED, BARBARIC, INSIDIOUS, PERNICIOUS, DECADENT, ALL PERVASIVE, INHOSPITABLE world of global NAZI BIG LIES, entire Establishments, governments, institutions, edifices, completely compromised, complicit, partnered, WITH ABOVE/BELOW!!

Sickening, deplorable, miserable, and, nauseating.

ALL participants to PAY an ultimate price for THEIR cowardly, traitorous, UNPRINCIPLED, CLASS COLLABORATION, recycled, rehashed, RESUSCITATED, IMPERIALISM AT HOME AND ABROAD, revisionist history, policies based on fiction and plausible denial!!


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