Thursday, August 14, 2014



What are Dis-United Suckers and Assholes doing in Iraq, greater Mideast, Asia, Africa, and, for that matter, anywhere and everywhere else on the globe??

What is THE common denominator for such disparate, exotic, and, far flung operations??



Below represents MOST CURRENT US CRIMINAL NAZI DICTATORSHIP doing what they do best, plundering and looting, DOMESTIC AND ABROAD, SUPPORTED IN ALL their CRIMINAL ENDEAVORS BY a COMPLIANT, CONTROLLED, INVESTED, US MAFIA led AFL-CIA AND SEIU LABOR organization of whores, prostitutes and indentured servitude!!:

So, EAT your latest cable TV screens, electronic gadgets and paraphernalia of all sorts and varieties, mortgaged houses, endless, redundant, useless, commodities, cars, and so on. 

Feed THEIR DEBT SYSTEM with more and more purchases of ___.
You fill in blank.
A sea of JUNK!
Junk, toxic, food, entertainment, crap, everywhere.

Be sure to include in above Obooma health care and education.

Oh, yes, SUBSIDIZE and build more SUPERFLUOUS ticky-tacky housing and luxury real estate developments, condominiums, office space, roads, shopping malls, etc., thereby changing LOCAL topography, reducing LOCAL green space and agricultural lands available, and, HELPING to advance climate change.

Afterwards, comes hand wringing when CATASTROPHIC floods, wind, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, occur, and THEIR way of life gets disturbed, disrupted. 

And, please, do not forget what currently is under discussion, funding a US government Export-Import bank which subsidizes and insures PRIVATE FOREIGN INVESTMENT with FEDERAL TAXPAYER, i.e., working class, that is, US FEDERAL RESERVE and PRIVATELY OWNED, DOLLARS??

Perhaps, we, too, need some humanitarian disaster relief airdropped into urban and rural poverty ghettos for a vast invisible army of unemployed, underemployed, homeless refugees, parasitical and demoralized drug infested areas, RIGHT HERE!!

But, that, of course, would hardly be profitable:


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