Friday, August 22, 2014


Below, FREE investment advice from someone characterizing it quite well, I think.

"It takes one to know one," as a proverbial they say.

Or, straight from the horses mouth.

Below expresses nicely an OVERALL nature of present day CIA toy boy, puppet, and bobble, bubble, headed "COMMANDER-IN-THIEF," NAZI Administration, which continues pontificating and making embarrassing empty noises for our TV screens.

Our petulant little "Commander-in-Thief" toy boy obviously gets pissed having to interrupt golf, fun, playtime, and, vacation, to make stupid, idiotic, statements about whichever is the latest flavored crisis of the day.

That was NOT part of his job description, bargain, agreement, when "they" anointed him President.

It was supposed to be a cake walk with narcissistic adulation, accolades, happy times, etc.
Smile for the camera.
HIS HANDLERS to take care of all PR.
We/they guarantee it, like stock market, below:

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