Tuesday, June 23, 2015


First, a few necessary domestic housekeeping notes.

Needless to say, a controversial Congressional FREE/FAIR Presidential Trade Authorization bill, about which I wrote a couple of recent entries down, passed by our US Senate TODAY quietly while our crappy corporate media babbles forth endlessly about symbolic Confederate flags, THEIR "liberal race card, or, tune," and an EQUALLY SYMBOLIC, impotent, pathetic, gesture of protest by those nominally against Free Trade Agreements ensued.

More comedy to follow.

A report by John Helmer about RUSSIA/PUTIN/SUMMA caught my attention BECAUSE it represents an update to EARLIER posts I did on THIS same theme to which I will link underneath.

Let me add one comment FIRST, before reading MY earlier entries regarding SUMMA/JAFAR/PUTIN, et.al.

An ASSUMPTION made in Helmer's entry below being that NAZI occupied IRAN to remain standing, as is, a single, unified, entity.

Entirely false, in MY humble opinion.

GUARANTEED, IRAN will NOT remain untouched, unscathed, standing in the middle of a GREATER MIDDLE EAST ARAB boiling cauldron into which NAZI occupied IRAN has long, sticky, expansionist fingers.

This is THE/A scenario MOST dreaded by ALL NAZI PARTNERS concerned, i.e, NAZI OCCUPIED IRAN to become further destabilized ALSO engulfed in the spreading flames that IT AND OTHERS HAVE HELPED MANUFACTURE.

C'est la vie, friends.
You asked for it, you got it.

I shed NO crocodile tears for RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY NAZI CORPORATIONS, THEIR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, TRAITORS, PARASITES, VULCHERS, OPPORTUNISTS, as those above and below, or, ANY others named in my numerous posts, encompassing those not specifically delineated.

So, first, Helmer's update about SUMMA, PUTIN, ROTTERDAM, ET.AL.:

Then, from an earlier post I did on this same subject matter.

However, be advised, I notice a case of MANY disappearing or missing links in earlier posts, so, just be sure to open the very LAST, bottom, link, my OWN previous entry, regarding this subject matter.
IT has NOT disappeared, thankfully, so far, at least:


I cannot resist, however, ending on one more relatively minor humorous note.
I must thank the website below for providing me, at least, with an entertaining report and photo from GREECE.
I noticed a few QUICK visuals being used on OUR crappy media portraying some Greek pro-EURO zone protests, but, I understood immediately they must be hired, staged, photo ops.
So, I found this photo and commentary below very amusing, a nice addition:


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