Monday, June 29, 2015


Below being THE/AN answer to latest theatrical dramatics in Greek Euro Land debt conundrum.

I did SO many posts on Greece, I really don't know where to being, which to highlight.

So, IF you search my own blog with one word only, "Greece," you will come up with many more, although, probably, not all.

Nonetheless, I WILL choose a couple of random entries at the bottom of this post. 

However, I find it impossible to believe a reunited NAZI Deutschland Euro enterprise will allow a Greek exit and I have an earlier post below regarding that particular issue.

That would undermine THEIR entire PRIVATIZING adventure and all Europe will continue unraveling, not that it already isn't.
A very thin monetary thread holds it all together.

But, this time around, NO homegrown German troops available with which directly to march in and occupy Greece, or, for that matter, anywhere elsewhere.

Surrogates, proxies, mercenaries, necessary, instead.

Of course, they can always try internal coups, a CIA type adventure, and, Martial Law.

To THAT effect, most recent Greek financial hysteria and corresponding dramatic monetary tactics really represent covert, psychological, operations designed to intimidate, frighten, scare, panic, Greek population with dire consequences IF they do NOT agree to HONOR STATE DEBT, RELINQUISH, SELL OUT AND OFF STATE ASSETS, i.e., PRIVATIZE, asset stripping by any other name.


Then, a FEW of many older posts I did about Greece, as promised.
Always be sure to follow embedded links backwards, if they still work, of course: 

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