Friday, June 19, 2015


OCCASIONALLY, I thought to highlight some older posts as relevant for today as when first written.
THOUSANDS of previous entries exist, all variants of an ongoing and continuous theme.
So, I pick one or two as I come across them, once in awhile. 
I refresh myself and my own memory, that way.
So, today, two past entries below.
They come in context of a few recent events.
First, NOT surprising, mostly Congressional Republicans, but, a perfunctory handful of Democrats, RE-VOTED to expand a controversial Presidential trade authority, something I forecast a few posts, days, ago.
And, of course, no Federal Reserve rate increase announced by Yellen yesterday. 
(See my post just below regarding Yellen and Greece).
However, simultaneous to above, we had another of so MANY, inexplicable, explosive, sensational, shooting events, which, it seems, everyone knew or pronounced AHEAD OF TIME, represented a racially motivated "hate crime." 
I have NOT explored this particular event, since SO MANY occur now, not too mention CONSTANT random violence everyday HERE.
So, offhand I can only comment on a few obvious facts which seem to emerge.
First, it came/comes simultaneous with other MAJOR developments as enumerated above and in my previous posts below.
Second, it was pronounced a hate crime and racially motivated BEFORE anyone else even knew who it was.
Third, since everyone seems so upset over Big Brother and our NATIONAL INSECURITY STATE system snooping, eavesdropping, on everything and everyone with their latest computer, electrical gadgets, wizardry, odd our NATIONAL INSECURITY STATE seems not to have known ANYTHING about this fellow and what was planned, apparently, for some time.
Fourth, from the LITTLE I heard, he SEEMS to be connected with one of our numerous flavored "racially" motivated hate or conspiracy groups, ALL COVERT ops, fronts, well known to our NATIONAL INSECURITY STATE APPARATUS.
I do NOT believe this unfortunate young man is a covert op, himself, but, merely a useful idiot, pawn, puppet, tool, easily influenced and manipulated by others and/or someone else.
Anyway, for more on THAT particular aspect and CONTEXT, see my SECOND retrospective post, below, regarding Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang and an Empire of Crime.


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