Friday, July 3, 2015


Well, latest news from Dis-United Suckers and Assholes insecure homeland of domestic and foreign state sponsored terrorism of all shapes and varieties, Vermont Senator Sanders runs around a DEMOCRATIC Presidential primary spouting populist rhetoric, something akin to what the US ought to be, was, stands for, much of which simply being mythology.

Earlier posts I did expose Sanders for whom and what he really stands: "We don't do that here."

Same "love me I'm liberal folks" originally supporting Obooma just love Sanders, now, instead.

No coincidence Sanders runs IN a DEMOCRATIC Party primary and NOT an INDEPENDENT candidate.

So, Sanders will lose the Democratic Primary, and, then what??
Will he endorse Hillary or not??
Will he leave the Party to form his OWN?
Of course not.

So, undoubtedly, we will get a line from Sanders that a Democrat is better than a Republican.

And, WHERE IS LABOR in all this?

Ralph Nader ran his FIRST Presidential campaign as an INDEPENDENT.

SIGNIFICANTLY, Nader had the support of ONE major labor group, the CALIFORNIA NURSES ASSOCIATION.
Of course, after that point, somehow, they became co-opted, neutralized, into the AFL-CIA.  
Ends of discussion.

Well, Sanders forgets to mention the overall and total cynical HYPOCRISY, ENABLING, behind MANY positions, like, FOR EXAMPLE, DEBT, STIMULUS, QUANTITATIVE EASING, OBOOMACARE, foreign "freedom fighters," "COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIPS," our AFL-CIA/SEIU as BROKERS, AGENTS, PARTNERS, and so on.

Maybe WE "do NOT do that," i.e., NATIONALIZE, collectivize, energy, industry, resources, HERE, according to world as Bernie Sanders views it, but, MANY OTHER SIGNIFICANT countries, regions, on the globe do and have!!

I guess, then, it follows logically from Sanders position that policies implemented HERE eliminating THOSE governments abroad who "DO THAT" are GOOD, JUSTIFIABLE, BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY!!

The US and Greece are WORLDS apart.

However, Sanders and his ilk and Tsipras are bedfellows:

Anyway, as part of an eternal see-saw political blame game, a Republican President will be elected of necessity so we can get more finger pointing towards policies SET UP, PUT INTO MOTION, BY THE OBOOMA CROWD with their OBVIOUS, INEVITABLE, consequences.

"Fool me once, shame on you.  
Fool me twice, shame on ME," or, ALL OF YOU!!

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