Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Behind another NAZI OCCUPIED IRAN-US fake nuke deal, partnership, as usual, lay systemic economic fundamentals of global Fascism, reactionary privatization, AND, ultimately its collapse, implosion, demise.

In case you happen NOT to remember or were NOT reading earlier posts, amongst other entries, recall MORGAN STANLEY FIRST PERSIA INVESTMENT FUND.

Since there are/were so many posts I did related to this subject, I searched my own blog with a few key words.
Link below being the first result I got.

You can peruse it for yourselves and/or do more searching:


So, anticipate GREATER internal and external war as Dis-United Suckers and Assholes and their FASCIST/NAZI ALLIES, PARTNERS, dig themselves ever and ever deeper into unyielding quagmires of competing and contradictory economic factions, hostile interests, brutal occupations, ALL of their OWN making, which, of course, extends to newly minted EuroZone, Greece, altho, outright military warfare not YET begun there.
I expect Tsipras government most likely to collapse before THAT happens.
On THAT subject, once again, I borrow from a Greek/English website a nice graphic:

From Eurogroup to Eurogroup: Hell for Greece, All against All

The eurogroup last night



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