Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Especially for those living in Greatest Dis-United Suckers and Assholes NAZI OCCUPIED nation on Planet Earth where the most dirty "N" word, i.e., industrial and natural resource NATIONALIZATION, collectivization, of ANY KIND, whatsoever, is forbidden, verboten, off the table for discussion or consideration, as current self-described Democratic Presidential "Socialist" candidate Bernie Sanders describes it best, 
"We don't do THAT here," 
and NUB of current Greek struggle, as everywhere, described in an article below minus unnecessary verbiage but with a few obligatory false characterizations and nomenclature.
Just ignore THOSE parts.

ALL other Greek factors being SECONDARY, TERTIARY, RELATED to THE PRIMARY purpose, cause, fundamental issue, GOAL, articulated BELOW.

IF you/one does NOT recognize THIS, then, you understand NOTHING whatsoever and live in cloud cuckoo land.

Might as well forget everything, pack it up, and, spend the rest of your collective lives as hermits in a cave.

Whether or not Greece exits Euro Zone land will NOT change THE primary, fundamental, issue and material substance involved.

IF Greece exits Euro, of course, it alters power equations surrounding PRIVATIZATION, ASSET STRIPPING, APPROPRIATION, i.e., WHO PROFITS MOST, GETS WHAT FOR HOW MUCH OR LITTLE, which or whose EMPIRE expands at the cost or expense of others, but, not THE CONCRETE SUBSTANCE, nitty gritty, of the debate.

As for OUR present day RECIDIVIST NAZI ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN "EMPIRE OF CRIME," once again, THEIR empty and bobble headed "Abomination" Fuhrer made embarrassing, obscene, noises at a HOSTILE press conference defending his/their NAZI OCCUPIED IRAN (AND IRAQ) fake nuke deal.

Of course, none describe it as I do:

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