Wednesday, July 24, 2013


*name correction below

Unfortunately, I possess neither resource, time nor inclination to try FOLLOWING ALL byzantine configurations, gyrations, myriad, of a retrograde, BARBARIC, lunatic fringe, certifiably insane, primitive, imperialist, resuscitated, recidivist crimes against humanity, GLOBAL Great Game WARFARE, investment competition, strategy, raging throughout our globe, particularly, MIDEAST, and, class war THROUGHOUT ALL Europe and elsewhere, ALL consequence of preceding exercise in futility and stupidity.

Also, I find this intellectual exercise morbidly depressing, sordid, a bit like analyzing, detailing, observing, a sick patient with a terminal prognosis die, describing their death throes in exquisite, horrible, detail.

Hardly illuminating, uplifting, inspirational, productive.

So, FOR EXAMPLE, a report BELOW at Helmer's website concerns Russia/Putin and it/his/their latest curious French Connection, a well placed Strauss-Kahn appointment, along with another question, riddle, he poses at the end,  noting Morgan Stanley replaced.

Oh yeah, QUESTIONS I ??!!.
Like replacing God!!:

Well, I may only GUESS, HYPOTHESIZE, SPECULATE, take a stab myself at preceding development and that it just MIGHT have something to do with some, if NOT more unenumerated, VILLEPIN connections as those noted below.

Important to remember, ALSO, in many instances, prominent PRIVATE individuals/corporations/financial interests seemingly disengage, exit, disconnect, with one another through one door only to reemerge magically thru another back door with overlapping corporate directorates, financial tools, investments, instruments, fronts, instead.

All OFTEN is NOT as it appears in  PRIVATELY OWNED illusory constructed houses of smoke and mirrors made of many secret, trick, rooms, underhanded maneuvers, deals, false passageways, dead ends, etc.:,107959188-BE1

FOR ME, however, another, different, but, interrelated BURNING question to ALL above remains that of strategically well placed, FRONT AND CENTER, greater MIDEAST Iraq traitor extraordinaire burgeoning Jafar dynasty octopus Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj/*GULFTAINER (corrected name) EMPIRE, CARTEL, partnered also with PUTIN/ALLAWI and his/their/its FATE:

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