Sunday, July 7, 2013


An entire post WWII/USSR counter-revolution UNRAVELING, UNFOLDING, before one's eyes, BEGINNING WITH EGYPT, but, rippling, spreading, outwards, to encompass everyone, EVERYWHERE, including, of course, a BANKRUPT, MORIBUND, COMATOSE, IMPERIALIST, US/EU/NATO/CHINA/RUSSIA CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY PRIVATE capital cartel, sustained, floated, pumped up, inflated, by cosmic debt, fiat money.

People HERE have NOT the slightest clue what it is ALL about because they remain IN suspended animation, BRAINWASHED, SUPPRESSED, REPRESSED, PROPAGANDIZED, LED by INSTITUTIONAL CLASS PARTNERED, INVESTED, CRIMINAL, MAFIA, NAZI AFL-CIA/SEIU LABOR INCORPORATED prostitutes, whores and their associated, affiliated, CIA/STATE "liberal" front groups, media outlets, etc.

So, HOW will everyone respond to further inevitable, endemic, BROAD BASED SYSTEMIC ECONOMIC COLLAPSE??


More same??

Already, MAJOR segments of our population barely survive, subsist, at or below poverty level, unemployed, underemployed, impoverished, exploited, wandering homeless through city streets, an invisible Brechtian army.

What little remains of industry and resources ALL OWNED PRIVATELY and/or closed, shuttered, jobs exported abroad while cheap/er labor products imported.

Statistics REMAIN statistics, invisible people, dehumanized, banished from official recognition, society.

Another entire set of people nominally employed, semi-employed, underemployed, part time, seasonal, occasional, self-employed, street crime, drug dealers, retired elderly, sick, ill, disabled, living paycheck to paycheck, often in debt themselves, one step away from total disaster, bankruptcy, homelessness, poverty, malnutrition, etc.

The working poor, as they are called, underpaid, super exploited, overworked, insecure, without benefits, etc.

But, hey, folks, invest, invest, invest!!

Put a few more hard earned shekels into speculative snake oil, cyclical boom and bust growth industry, namely, stock markets.

Stock market goes UP, UP AND AWAY thanks to those newly minted, printed, inflationary fiat dollars which conveniently they GIVE THEMSELVES!!

How can THEY lose??
What's to lose??

A sure winner.
Like a lottery ticket.
You too can become a multi-millionaire, that is, IF you own everything, including a printing press.

A fixed, rigged, gambling casino where the HOUSE ALWAYS wins!!:

Think I am clairvoyant, peering into a crystal ball, voodoo, magic??
Eminently predictable, like sun to rise tomorrow morning, etc.

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