Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well, NO QUESTION about it,
recent Egypt military coup SHIFTS entire regional MENASA (MidEastNoAfricaSoAsia) POWER EQUATION structure, dynamic, spectrum, a counterrevolutionary NAZI House that Jack Built, constructed ever so assiduously, brick by brick, WORSE LAID PLANS OF NAZI MICE AND MEN, along, of course, with THEIR ersatz, bogus, partnered, compliant, complacent, INVESTED, Loyal Opposition.

Three cheers for EGYPT!!

Anticipating an appropriate custom for the region, apparently, a few more SHOES to drop, tossed at, NAZI Islamic Fundamentalist FRONT parties, thugs, goon, HATE squads, gangs, extortionist war and drug lords, etc.

Space NOW opens for greater political REALIGNMENT, POSSIBILITIES, OPPORTUNITIES, to be seized, for more progressive developments, as an INDEPENDENT, AUTONOMOUS, Egypt POLITICAL POSTURE re-asserts itself, rippling regionally outwards.

MAJOR, BIG, historical implications.

GOOD NEWS to ME, NO THANKS to an ersatz, collaborationist, appeasement, Opposition POLICY here and/or abroad.

All drop dead in their tracks with heart failure, including OUR most recent CIA titular Head Puppet, Scumbag at the Top of OUR NAZI dung heap, Obooma, a deer caught in headlights of an oncoming vehicle, frozen solid:

"He who laughs last, laughs best."

I LAUGH ALOT to myself!!

Let ALL come and demonstrate, pontificate, lament, HERE, their latest opportunistic poster child, twice victimized, shot dead, BECAUSE of cynical, hypocritical, collaborationist POLICIES ABOVE!!

Self-serving ostrich heads buried in quicksand.

Morality police ALL go to HELL, Dante's inferno, taking with them their miserable, stinking, sinking, NAZI OBOOMA TITANIC SHIP OF STATE PRIVATE HEALTH CARE, PENSION FUND INVESTMENTS, DEBT, STIMULUS, TARP, ETC.

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