Sunday, July 28, 2013


Will Too Big To Fail Egypt be NEXT in a long queue for Mideast militarily intervention, occupation, division, PRIVATE, surrogate, forces, militias, to SAVE an ever widening and DESPERATE MENASA CHESS BOARD adventure, WAR, all for annal retentive PRIVATE GAIN, INVESTMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCE APPROPRIATION??

Everyone, HOPEFULLY, MAY recall Egypt did NOT even possess a stock market following their initial 1952 NASSER led MILITARY COUP AND SUBSEQUENT NATIONALIZATIONS!

Meanwhile, concurrent with a fractured Egypt/Mideast, DIS-UNITED TOO BIG TO FAIL SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES DEBT policies, PRIVATE SUBSIDIES, continue unashamed, unabashed AND unabated:

And why NO prosecutions certainly NOW OR  associated with former CRIMINAL Bush administration dictatorships, like Halliburton, Carlyle Group, Defense Dept intellectual giant "Stuff Happens" Rumsfeld,

NO reasons different than that so amply DEMONSTRATED below, direct continuation of OVERLAPPING, INTERLOCKING, DIRECTORATES, CORPORATE CARTELS, CLIENTS, FINANCIAL INTERESTS, INVESTMENT PARTNERS, first and foremost, NAZI lineage Rockefeller CITIGROUP (JP Morgan Chase/EXXON/SAUDI ARAMCO) PARTNERED, MARRIED, in this instance with infamous, well connected, CARLYLE GROUP.

WHY Too Big To Fail NATIONAL US TAXPAYER astronomical DEBT, TARP, STIMULUS, FIAT MONEY, SUBSIDIES, GIVEN TO PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, DEMONSTRATED below, part and parcel of preceding interlocking, internecine, overlapping, redundant, PRIVATE corporate investment structure, OCTOPUS, incestuous, integrated and INTERNATIONAL financial cartels.

A domino effect, like 1929 stock market collapse, devolution.

Too much to read in link below.
Too many details and legal jargon.
Not necessary to read it all.
Just skim, peruse, it for a FEW pertinent names, details, facts.
ALSO, can not resist noting now notorious LIBOR mentioned in this EARLIER, 2007, document below:

So, EVERYONE supporting ALL above POLICIES digs themselves AND OTHERS ever deeper into a quagmire, BLACK HOLE, GRAVE, CUL-DE-SAC, NO EXIT, POINT OF NO RETURN, LABYRINTH, MAZE, with NO end except SPECULATIVE BUBBLE COLLAPSE, IMPLOSION, EXPLOSION, one big giant Ponzi Scheme, a House of Financial Cards.

"FEED ME, FEED ME!!" screams an insatiable blood thirsty plant parasite, a demanding vampire, in a "Little Shop of Horrors" cult film until it grows ever larger and larger, consuming EVERYONE in sight, INCLUDING ITS HOST.

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