Friday, September 27, 2013


Quite simply put, COLLECTIVELY, TOGETHER, ALL stand at another historical suicidal brink, precipice of a presumed "civilized" epochal crossroad.

More SYSTEMIC, cyclical, boom and bust, collapse, speculative investment BUBBLE implosion, explosion, and, war.

Fanning a burning fire.

A denouement to Berlin Wall tumbling down along with former USSR dissolution, thus, GREEN light given to ALL anal retentive and reptilian brain, not-so-great, grand, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, international PRIVATIZATION GAME schemes, personal aggrandizement, exploitation, appropriation, natural resource theft.

Bitter fruits, repercussions, consequences, ripening and open in broad daylight for all to pick and see, bear witness, altho, ostriches continue putting their heads in the sand uttering preposterous denials, patently ridiculous, absurd, explanations, excuses, narratives.

An embarrassment of riches.

EMBLEMATIC of above, Obooma PRIVATE health care in Dis-United Suckers and Assholes being an UNDENIABLE, complete, unmitigated, obscene, DISASTER, a byzantine bureaucratic maze, nightmare, horror show, even before implementation.

Contemplate one FACT alone:

"...Obamacare is 2,000 pages and its regulations are 20,000 pages long.
They have an alternative plan that is 200 pages.
Well, the 
single payer bill in the House (HR 676) is only 30 pages.
Single payer wins.
It’s shorter.
It’s the only system that controls costs.
It’s the only system that covers everyone..."


Do you scratch your head in amazement, bewilderment, disbelief.
If so, you are NOT alone.

NOT HIGHLIGHTED above, however, as MAIN reason for Oboomacare, COMPLICIT ROLE of national US labor umbrella federation, a criminal, mafia led and INVESTED front group, BUSINESS, AFL-CIA/SEIU, Inc.

BUT, Obooma PRIVATE CARE, like our current US Administration, its partners, allies, and, its/their ongoing ASTRONOMICAL, COSMIC, DEBT, STIMULUS, quantitative easing, subsidies, boondoggles, D.O.A, Dead on Arrival, zombies, resuscitated comatose cadavers.

Our partnered, loyal, Opposition being NO Opposition at all, continue plying their dirty tricks, trade, pathetic charades about most everything.

SYSTEMIC DYSFUNCTION, ANARCHY, CHAOS, DISSOLUTION, DISINTEGRATION, confusion, despair, anxiety, anger, rage, hate, spirals in a feeding frenzy.

Everyone puts their proverbial heads in the sand regarding foreign to domestic policies, ONEROUS DEBT, PRIVATE CORPORATE subsidies, HOSTILE TAKEOVERS, boondoggles, NAZI sponsored CRYPTIC ISLAM and its investment policies, movements, parties, a NAZI manufactured ARYAN IRAN/PERSIA HOSTILE ARAB IRAQ OCCUPATION, INVASION, regional annexation, expansionism, concomitant liberation movement, antipathy, competing, marauding and invading militias, Saudi (Rockefeller Saudi Aramco/Exxon) sponsored MENASA interventions, etc.

A long list continues almost indefinitely with so many BIG and LITTLE LIES impossible to enumerate.

NOBODY believes, accepts, OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENT OUTLET interpretation, spin. 

Official Establishment institutions have NO credibility.

Latest EXAMPLE of above BIG AND LITTLE LIES involves Somalia.

One link below with more available on same website AND ELSEWHERE on internet.

Of course, NOTED, but, NOT highlighted below, PRIVATE OIL/energy/resource INVESTMENT:

All couple, of course, with global climate change, natural disaster, catastrophe, extenuating human factors related to preceding ones.

So, what's to say?
Stay tuned.
Species extinction, annihilation, next, forthcoming, imminent, like  systemic terminal diagnosis, prognosis, weather forecast.

Speaking of weather, much in the news at the moment, MY all time FAVORITE forecast below.
BE ADVISED, FOREWARNED, HOWEVER, short CLIP following does NOT, unfortunately, represent his entire monologue which was MORE HYSTERICAL and clever towards the END:

IF you want to see more Carlin, (altho still NOT his entire routine above), here it is:

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